NSTA Chicago 2022 – Booth #619

Rock Out with Savvas Learning Company!


Band together and make some noise! Savvas Learning Company provides award-winning science curriculums that engage and motivate students to experience science in bold, new ways. We make science more inclusive, more accessible and more relevant to each student. And we know how to have some fun. Let’s rock this conference together!


Get Pumped! Grab Your VIP Pass

Enter for a chance to win a reMarkable digital notebook. Fill out the online form and let us know you plan to attend. Submit the form and you will receive a playlist and your “VIP Pass” for the drawing. Bring the pass to Booth #619 in the Exhibit Hall.


Come Experience Science, and Have FUN!

Join NSTA workshops with Savvas authors! All workshops will be held at the
McCormick Place, West Building, 2301 S Indiana Ave.



Your Savvas Science Band Members


Dr. Joseph Levine

Science Writer and Producer: Concord, MA and co-author of Miller & Levine Biology


Dr. Chris Moore

George F. Haddix Community Chair of Physical Science Chair and Professor of Physics University of Nebraska Omaha, co-author of Experience Chemistry and Experience Physics


Dr. Jesse Wilcox

Assistant Professor in Biology and Science Education, University of Northern Iowa


Dajae Williams

Educational Hip-Hop Artist and former NASA Rocket Scientist


Dr. Ken Miller

Professor of Biology at Brown University and co-author of Miller & Levine Biology


Dr. Michael Wysession

Professor of Earth & Planetary Sciences, Washington University in St. Louis and co-author of Experience Chemistry and Experience Physics 


Dr. Terrence Burgess

Assistant Professor of Science Education, Michigan State University


Jessi Davis

Savvas Science Specialist


Create Your Own Unique Sound!

Visit us in the Exhibit Hall – Booth #619 – and join in the exciting ‘musical’ labs. Grab the take-and-teach activities. Participate in the booth activity to receive the Savvas Music Award and a chance to win a reMarkable digital notebook!


Let it Glow!
Create glow sticks in a virtual lab using the Savvas Realize Learning management system.

Sound Check
With a simple spring and cup, you can replicate the sound effects of “Star Wars.”

Tuning Forks
Find your pitch! Test out sound waves produced by different types of forks.


Leading Science Solutions from Savvas Learning Company

Explore our K-12 science programs with an Interactive Tour!





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