Exploring Careers for
the 21st Century
, Third Edition


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Exploring Careers for the 21st Century is available in print or as a VitalSource eText

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“What will I be when I grow up?” It’s an age-old question that, for most students, has no easy answer. Exploring Careers for the 21st Century, Third Edition, published by Pearson, is a broad exploration of career opportunities and the rewards of different career pathways. It provides the essential tools that students need to set and achieve career and academic goals and make positive decisions that will affect their futures.

The text highlights the most promising careers and prepares students to connect academic achievement to real-world success. Students learn to identify their career interests, aptitudes, and learning styles.

The program is available in print or as a VitalSource eText.

The program is authored by the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE).  NFTE is a global educational nonprofit focused on bringing the power of entrepreneurship to youth in low-income communities. Since its founding more than 30 years ago, NFTE has trained thousands of teachers and educated more than a million young people worldwide.

Exploring Careers for the 21st Century, Third Edition, meets the standards for the Preparing for College and Career certification offered through Precision Exams by YouScience.


The program is made up of five parts:


and You


Students are encouraged to identify how their skills and interests can help them succeed in the world of work.




Emphasizes the importance of using processes for decision making, goal setting, and problem solving.





Takes students through the process of identifying career opportunities, planning for a career and conducting a career search.




Students are introduced to the role entrepreneurship plays in the economy, as well as the basic types of businesses and the types of business ownership.





Students study personal and business finance and consumer responsibility.



New To This Edition

  • Coverage of the latest and fastest-growing career opportunities
  • Social Media and job searching strategies 
  • Employment trends including work from home
  • All new Case Studies and Business Plans
  • Expanded coverage of communication and math skills 
Learn about the new features and benefits for Exploring Careers for the 21st Century.

Exploring Careers for the 21st Century includes teacher’s resources, tips, discussion topics, lesson plans, and test grading software.

Teacher’s Resources include:

  • A Teacher’s Wraparound Edition including Teaching Tips, Discussion Questions, and Lesson plans for a variety of student abilities
  • PowerPoint and Rise Presentations visual aids for classroom or remote presentations 
  • A TestBank with TestGen grading software 

Discipline: Career & Technical Education

Copyright: 2023

Grade(s): 6 - 12

Delivery Method: Blended (Print & Digital)

Funding Sources: ESSER

Exploring Careers for the 21st Century, Third Edition

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