Mathematics - Focusing on the Mathematical Practices of the Common Core

This comprehensive, two-day workshop provides participants with an opportunity to examine the impact that mathematical practices have on students by connecting them to processes, proficiencies, and problem solving. The first day focuses on the eight mathematical practices and how participants can use existing resources to promote and routinely assess the mathematical practices. The second day examines specific considerations for differentiation and support for all students as participants unpack content standards while continuing to consider the routine integration of the Standards for Mathematical Practice.

View a sample of the Facilitator Handbook (Contents are subject to change.)

View a sample of the Participant Workbook (Contents are subject to change.)



By the end of the two-day workshop, participants will be able to:

• Connect the Standards for Mathematical Practice to the NCTM process standards and proficiencies as detailed in Adding It Up: Helping Children Learn Mathematics.

• Identify a structure for collaboration and use of the eight practices.

• Connect current practice and articulate the changes needed to implement the Standards for Mathematical Practice.

• Articulate ways to routinely promote and assess the math practices.

• Describe how specific mathematical practices are embedded in the Standards for Mathematical Content.

• Identify the attributes of a rich, instructional, problem-based approach and how it can support access to the Standards for Mathematical Practice.

• Identify subperformance tasks as a means for providing students the opportunity to routinely demonstrate the eight mathematical practices.

• Connect the analysis of student work to ongoing support of the Standards for Mathematical Practice.


PREREQUISITE: Foundational Overview of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics