Validity Scales
? - Cannot Say (reported as a raw score only, not plotted)
VRIN - Variable Response Inconsistency
TRIN - True Response Inconsistency
F - Infrequency
FB - Back F
FP - Infrequency-Psychopathology
FBS - Fake Bad Scale
L - Lie
K - Correction
S - Superlative Self-Presentation
Superlative Self-Presentation Subscales1
(The Minnesota Reports)
S1 - Beliefs in Human Goodness
S2 - Serenity
S3 - Contentment with Life
S4 - Patience/Denial of Irritability
S5 - Denial of Moral Flaws

Clinical Scales
1 Hs - Hypochondriasis
2 D - Depression
3 Hy - Hysteria
4 Pd - Psychopathic Deviate
5 Mf - Masculinity-Femininity
6 Pa - Paranoia
7 Pt - Psychasthenia
8 Sc - Schizophrenia
9 Ma - Hypomania
0 Si - Social Introversion

Restructured Clinical (RC) Scales
(Extended Score Report)
RCd - dem - Demoralization
RC1 - som - Somatic Complaints
RC2 - lpe - Low Positive Emotions
RC3 - cyn - Cynicism
RC4 - asb - Antisocial Behavior
RC6 - per - Ideas of Persecution
RC7 - dne - Dysfunctional Negative Emotions
RC8 - abx - Aberrant Experiences
RC9 - hpm - Hypomanic Activation

Click here to link to a selected bibliography on the RC Scales.

Clinical Subscales
(Harris-Lingoes and Social Introversion subscales, Extended Score Report and The Minnesota Reports)
Harris-Lingoes Subscales
D1 - Subjective Depression
D2 - Psychomotor Retardation
D3 - Physical Malfunctioning
D4 - Mental Dullness
D5 - Brooding
Hy1 - Denial of Social Anxiety
Hy2 - Need for Affection
Hy3 - Lassitude-Malaise
Hy4 - Somatic Complaints
Hy5 - Inhibition of Aggression
Pd1 - Familial Discord
Pd2 - Authority Problems
Pd3 - Social Imperturbability
Pd4 - Social Alienation
Pd5 - Self-Alienation
Pa1 - Persecutory Ideas
Pa2 - Poignancy
Pa3 - Naiveté
Sc1 - Social Alienation
Sc2 - Emotional Alienation
Sc3 - Lack of Ego Mastery, Cognitive
Sc4 - Lack of Ego Mastery, Conative
Sc5 - Lack of Ego Mastery, Defective Inhibition
Sc6 - Bizarre Sensory Experiences
Ma1 - Amorality
Ma2 - Psychomotor Acceleration
Ma3 - Imperturbability
Ma4 - Ego Inflation
Social Introversion Subscales
Si1 - Shyness/Self-Consciousness
Si2 - Social Avoidance
Si3 - Alienation - Self and Others

Content Scales
(Extended Score Report, The Minnesota Reports, and Criminal Justice and Correctional Report)
ANX - Anxiety
FRS - Fears
OBS - Obsessiveness
DEP - Depression
HEA - Health Concerns
BIZ - Bizarre Mentation
ANG - Anger
CYN - Cynicism
ASP - Antisocial Practices
TPA - Type A
LSE - Low Self-Esteem
SOD - Social Discomfort
FAM - Family Problems
WRK - Work Interference
TRT - Negative Treatment Indicators

Content Component Scales
(Extended Score Report and The Minnesota Reports [except the Alcohol and Drug Treatment System Report])
Fears Subscales
FRS1 - Generalized Fearfulness
FRS2 - Multiple Fears
Depression Subscales
DEP1 - Lack of Drive
DEP2 - Dysphoria
DEP3 - Self-Depreciation
DEP4 - Suicidal Ideation
Health Concerns Subscales
HEA1 - Gastrointestinal Symptoms
HEA2 - Neurological Symptoms
HEA3 - General Health Concerns
Bizarre Mentation Subscales
BIZ1 - Psychotic Symptomatology
BIZ2 - Schizotypal Characteristics
Anger Subscales
ANG1 - Explosive Behavior
ANG2 - Irritability
Cynicism Subscales
CYN1 - Misanthropic Beliefs
CYN2 - Interpersonal Suspiciousness
Antisocial Practices Subscales
ASP1 - Antisocial Attitudes
ASP2 - Antisocial Behavior
Type A Subscales
TPA1 - Impatience
TPA2 - Competitive Drive
Low Self-Esteem Subscales
LSE1 - Self-Doubt
LSE2 - Submissiveness
Social Discomfort
SOD1 - Introversion
SOD2 - Shyness
Family Problems
FAM1 - Family Discord
FAM2 - Familial Alienation
Negative Treatment Indicators
TRT1 - Low Motivation
TRT2 - Inability to Disclose

Supplementary Scales
(Extended Score Report, The Minnesota Reports, and Criminal Justice and Correctional Report)
Personality Psychopathology Five Scales (PSY-5)
AGGR - Aggressiveness
PSYC - Psychoticism
DISC - Disconstraint
NEGE - Negative Emotionality/Neuroticism
INTR - Introversion/Low Positive Emotionality
Broad Personality Characteristics
A - Anxiety
R - Repression
Es - Ego Strength
Do - Dominance
Re - Social Responsibility
Generalized Emotional Distress
Mt - College Maladjustment2
PK - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder-Keane
MDS - Marital Distress
Behavioral Dyscontrol
Ho - Hostility
O-H - Overcontrolled Hostility2
MAC-R - MacAndrew-Revised
AAS - Addiction Admission
APS - Addiction Potential
Gender Role
GM - Gender Role - Masculine2
GF - Gender Role - Feminine2

Special Indices
(Extended Score Report, The Minnesota Reports, and Criminal Justice and Correctional Report)
Welsh Code
F-K Dissimulation Index
Percent True and Percent False
Average Profile Elevation

Setting-Specific Indices
(Adult Clinical Interpretive Report and Criminal Justice and Correctional Report-only if applicable)
Megargee Offender Classification System (only with Criminal Justice and Correctional Report)
P-A-I-N Classification (only with Adult Clinical Interpretive Report)
Behavioral Dimensions (only with Criminal Justice and Correctional Report)
Possible Problem Areas (only with Criminal Justice and Correctional Report)

Special Score
(Forensic Report only if applicable)
Gass Head Injury Items

1 Superlative Self-Presentation Subscales are available in The Minnesota ReportTM series.
2 The RC Scales and Supplementary Scales Mt, O-H, GM, and GF are not available in The Minnesota Report series.