Features and Benefits

Global history approach

True global coverage of world history encourages students

to recognize historical patterns and to think critically about

pictorial evidence. Chapters highlight characteristics of the

major civilizations, and students focus on historical patterns of

trade and exchange within and among major societies.

Provides a Pedagogical Framework Learning Objective

questions have been added to each chapter to highlight

central themes and ideas.

Focuses on Critical Thinking Chapter-ending Critical Thinking

Questions reinforce important concepts and serve as essay

or class discussion topics. Thinking Historically analytical

essays relate to the chapter but extend across chronological

and geographical boundaries. Critical thinking questions at

the end of each essay prompt the reader to consider the farreaching

implications of historical developments.

Helps Readers Visualize History Visualizing the Past boxes

support visual literacy. Readers learn how to read and

analyze graphic material such as maps, charts, and graphs.

Part-opening and chapter-opening timelines help readers

place history in context

Built for Success

This program, World Civilizations Since 1200, has been updated

to reflect the College Board’s Curriculum Framework dated

fall 2019.

A correlation to the College Board’s Curriculum Framework

for AP® World History can be found within the student

edition preface or online by visiting Savvas.com/


End-of-part questions have been revised to align to the

framework outline.

AP Exam Style Test Bank available online and aligned to the

course framework outline.

New! Test Prep Workbook for AP® fully prepares students

for the exam. This new workbook includes tools to ensure

student success including two full AP practice tests.

MyLab® History MyLab History with Pearson® eText is a state-of-theart,

comprehensive Web resource that is organized according to

the contents of our textbook and brings history to life through

a unique, interactive experience. Students are able to take

preloaded sample tests and receive personalized study plans.

Pearson eText An eBook version of World Civilizations Since

1200 lets students access their textbook anytime, anywhere,

and any way they want—including listening online or

downloading to an iPad® tablet.

AP Exam Style Test Bank is a downloadable resource for

teachers within MyLab History.

Assessment Automatically graded pre-tests, post-tests, and

chapter exams help students review chapter content that

promote critical thinking skills.

In-depth collection of sources MyLab History offers many

additional resources to engage students and help them learn

in a visual and interactive way. These include interactive

maps, primary source documents and a wealth of videos.

Gradebook Automated grading of quizzes and media

assignments helps teachers