Table of Contents

Unit 1:
Foundations of Citizenship
Chapter 1 A Portrait of Americans
Chapter 2 American Society and Its Values
Chapter 3 The Meaning of Citizenship

Unit 2:
Creating a Lasting Government
Chapter 4 America's Political Heritage
Chapter 5 Creating the Constitution
Chapter 6 The Bill of Rights
Chapter 7 Our Enduring Constitution

Unit 3:
The Federal Government
Chapter 8 The Legislative Branch
Chapter 9 The Executive Branch
Chapter 10 The Judicial Branch

Unit 4:
State and Local Government
Chapter 11 State Government
Chapter 12 Local Government

Unit 5:
Foundations of Economics
Chapter 13 What is an Economy?
Chapter 14 Basics of Our Economic System
Chapter 15 Our Economy and You

Unit 6:
Government and the Economy
Chapter 16 Government's Role in the Economy
Chapter 17 Money and Banking
Chapter 18 Public Finance

Unit 7:
The American Legal System
Chapter 19 Laws and Our Society
Chapter 20 Criminal and Juvenile Justice
Chapter 21 Civil Justice

Unit 8:
People Make a Difference
Chapter 22 Political Parties in Our Democracy
Chapter 23 Voting and Elections
Chapter 24 Confronting Society's Problems

Unit 9:
The United States and the World
Chapter 25 One Nation Among Many
Chapter 26 American Foreign Policy
Chapter 27 Making a Difference in the World

Reference Section
Historical Documents
Personal Finance Handbook
Landmark Supreme Court Cases
Presidents of the United States
United States and World Maps
Profile of the 50 States
English Glossary
Spanish Glossary