Features and Benefits

  • Up-to-date and accessible through differentiated instruction
    Updated with the latest research, statistics, and election results, Magruder's American Government presents a clear, engaging narrative that makes the subject of government accessible to students of all abilities. We offer strategies for modifying instruction and deliver content in a variety of formats—such as section summaries in print and on transparencies—to help less proficient readers, English language learners, and special needs students.
  • Relevant to students
    Impact on You highlights how government directly affects students. You Can Make a Difference scenarios provide examples of student activism with follow-up-student, activities that examine the process for dreating change. The Enduring Constitution timelines illustrate the changes in government over time.
  • Exclusive partnership with Close Up® Foundation
    Prentice Hall's partnership with Close Up® Foundation, the nation's largest civic education organization, gives students access to innovative resources that demonstrate how government influences students' lives. Close Up on the Supreme Court and Close Up on Primary Sources in the text also provide topics for discussion.