Foundations Series: American Government

Content Accessible

Designed for students reading near a sixth grade level.

  • Foundations Series: American Government curriculum is aligned with Magruder's American Government.
  • Embedded reading support- Explicit reading strategies, vocabulary support, and a carefully written and designed student page make this a book students can read.
  • Essential Questions- Instruction and assessment are organized around an Essential Question that explores the big ideas of American Government.
  • American Government Online Student Center- Rich digital learning support includes two online Student Editions, Government on the Go Audio and Video resources, interactive assessment, and more!
  • American Government Online Teacher Center- Teachers easily access complete online planning, teaching, and assessment including lecture notes, multiple levels of worksheets and assessments, and easy-to-use management tools.
  • Differentiated teaching resources- Teachers can quickly choose from multiple levels of worksheets and assessments found on the Online Teacher Center and on the Resource Library CD-ROM.

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