Research and Validity

Our NSF Support Continues
Funded by the National Science Foundation in 1991, Connected Mathematics proved to be so effective that it received continued NSF support for its second edition. Results of scientific research-quantitative and qualitative data and trend data reports-over seven years show that Connected Mathematics students:

  • Do as well, or better than, non-users on tests of basic skills.
  • Outperform non-users on tests of problem-solving ability, conceptual understanding, and proportional reasoning.
  • By Grade 8, demonstrate considerable ability to solve non-routine algebra problems, a strong understanding of linear functions, and a beginning understanding of exponential and quadratic functions.

Information on the new 2006 Edition of the Research and Evaluation Summary for CMP
Get qualitative and quantitative data and trend data reports collected over a seven year period from CMP user that supports the effectiveness of the program. This summary features new research data on Connected Mathematics 2. Look for the symbol throughout the summary for reports that include data on Connected Mathematics 2. Contributions to this document were made by: Michael Conklin, University of Maryland; Yvonne Grant, Portland Middle School and Michigan State University; Hilary Ludema, Michigan State University; Anthony Rickard, University of Alaska, Fairbanks; Kelly Rivette, Michigan State University.