Table of Contents

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Algebra 1
Chapter 1       Arithmetic to Algebra
Chapter 2       Expressions and Equations
Chapter 3       Graphs
Chapter 4       Lines
Chapter 5       Introduction to Functions
Chapter 6       Exponents and Radicals
Chapter 7       Polynomials
Chapter 8       Quadratics

Chapter 1       An Informal Introduction to Geometry
Chapter 2       Congruence and Proof
Chapter 3       Dissections and Area
Chapter 4       Similarity
Chapter 5       Circles
Chapter 6       Using Similarity
Chapter 7       Coordinates and Vectors
Chapter 8       Optimization

Algebra 2
Chapter 1       Fitting Functions to Tables
Chapter 2       Functions and Polynomials
Chapter 3       Complex Numbers
Chapter 4       Linear Algebra
Chapter 5       Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Chapter 6       Graphs and Transformations
Chapter 7       Sequences and Series
Chapter 8       Introduction to Trigonometry

Chapter 1       Analyzing Trigonometric Functions
Chapter 2       Complex Numbers and Trigonometry
Chapter 3       Analysis of Functions
Chapter 4       Combinatorics
Chapter 5       Functions and Tables
Chapter 6       Analytic Geometry
Chapter 7       Probability and Statistics
Chapter 8       Ideas of Calculus