Features and Benefits

An Alternative Approach

Built on the premise that students learn math by doing math within a meaningful context, this textbook takes students beyond the numbers, asking them to construct, reflect on, apply, and describe the mathematical models in terms of their everyday lives, including in the workplace.


Why This Book?

The text provides an alternative pathway of study, while better preparing students for success in future high school or post-secondary math courses. Building off of traditional Algebra I knowledge, this alternative approach to mathematical modeling and data analysis encourages students to:

  • Develop mathematical intuition and a relevant base of mathematical knowledge
  • Gain experiences that connect classroom learning with real-world applications
  • Increase knowledge of mathematics through explorations with appropriate technology.
  • Develop a positive attitude about learning and using mathematics
  • Build techniques for reasoning and effective problem solving
  • Learn to apply, display, and communicate knowledge through alternative

The Pedagogy

The core pedagogical feature of this book is a series of guided-discovery activities embedded in realistic situations. Each activity is followed by exercises that reinforce the concepts and skills revealed in the activity. Taken as a whole, this approach gives students the tools they need to bridge the gaps between abstraction, skills, and application.

  • Sections within each chapter contain regular activities along with project activities that allow students to explore specific topics in greater depth (either individually or as part of a group)
  • The key principles of each activity are highlighted and summarized at the activity’s conclusion
  • “What Have I Learned” exercises help students pull together the key concepts of the section
  • “How Can I Practice?” exercises provide additional practice
  • “Gateway Review” allows students to double-check their understanding of the chapter’s material

Print Resources

  • Annotated Teacher’s Edition (ISBN: 0131369342): Provides answers to all exercises.
  • Teacher’s Resource Guide/Printed Test Bank (ISBN: 0321448685):Includes teaching notes for each chapter; extra practice skills worksheets for difficult topics; sample chapter tests and final exams; sample journal topics for each chapter; transparencies of graphs, charts, and data; suggestions for group work; and technology integration assignments.

Technology Resources

  • TestGen (ISBN: 0321453743,):Build, print, and administer algorithmically generated tests tied to each objective of the text with just the click of a button.
  • MathXLTutorials on CD (included with the student edition):Interactive tutorial CD-ROM provides algorithmically generated practice exercises that are correlatedwith the exercises in the book. Every practice exercise is accompanied with an example and a guided solution, with helpful feedback for incorrect answers.
  • Instructors Training Video on CD (0321501349)
  • MathXL® for School®(25-Pack Registration, 0321435184, $300; 100-Pack Registration, 0321435192, $1,200): Powerful online homework, tutorial, and assessment system that enables teachers to easily create, edit, assign, and automatically grade online homework and tests;track all student work in an online gradebook; and generate personalized study plans based on homework and test results with one click. MathXL For School is available for teacher preview for South Carolina teachers at www.mathxlforschool.com