For graphing-intensive courses

• Nationally recognized author team with years of experience and expertise in the teaching of both precalculus and calculus.

• Designed for the way you teach:

– Additional coverage of topics that students are likely to struggle with.

– Shorter sections to accommodate the class period length.

– Extensive resources for new and experienced instructors.

• Written for the needs of today’s students:

– Perfect balance of graphical and algebraic representation.

– Applications integrated throughout the text.

– Examples and exercises for all levels of students.

• The Twelve Basic Functions are emphasized throughout the book as a major theme and focus.

• Ideal predecessor to Calculus: Graphical, Numerical, Algebraic, 4th Edition.

• Expanded sections now include Closeness and Betweenness in a Complex World and Random Variables and Expected Value

• Updated data sets and applications