Level K

The next step in this program, the Kindergarten Program uses catchy sing-along phonics songs together with interactive point-along wall charts, 100% decodable storybook readers(6), two consumable texts, All Aboard and On Track, and a wealth of fun do-and-learn activities to teach children how to read. Your children will experience multisensory learning all while having a great time! The Kindergarten Program covers the first 15 steps of the 36-step Level 1 program with more age-appropriate lessons for the younger student, i.g. larger print, fewer words and practice exercises on a page, etc. In All Aboard, your child will learn about alike and different, classification, completing a pattern, tracing and following directions, concepts that help build important readiness skills. On Track introduces letter recognition, letter sounds, manuscript writing, word blending, vocabulary, beginning reading, comprehension, spelling preparation, listening, and speaking. It includes ten tear-out, color, and read storybooks.


Program Components

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