Every school with an identified ELL must move that ELL to non-ELL status. Teachers must teach English to their students to be able to reach full English Language proficiency. Language Central is a systematic program that provides sustained English Language Development instruction in a manageable amount of time. Academic language is explicitly taught, instruction is appropriate to the student’s language proficiency level, and the focus is on oral and written language production.

60 minutes of additional daily ELD instruction Savvas Language Central gives English learners opportunities to produce language and to understand the functions and forms of English. Students use English in real-life, meaningful situations. Explicit instruction develops concept understanding, builds academic language, and accelerates written and oral language skills.



  • Student Worktext
  • Teacher’s Edition
  • Practice Book and Answer Key
  • Newcomer Program including Student Edition, Teacher’s Guide, Practice Book, and Technology Resources Package
  • Leveled Word Cards
  • Progress Monitoring Assessments with Teacher’s Manual
  • Song Book
  • Posters
  • Song Book CD
  • Student/ Teacher Technology, including Big Question Videos, Concept Talk Videos, Background Building Audio Slideshows, Envision It! Animations, and Grammar Jammers

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