Digital Path Walkthrough Guide and serve as the portals into the digital world of Prentice Hall Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2. The online program can be used as part of a blended model with print, or as a digital course. Online access includes a wealth of assets, such as the student edition with audio, complete teacher’s edition, instruction and presentation tools, editable worksheets, interactive online activities, student-generated videos, classroom management tools, and online assessments with remediation.


For Students

  • My Math Video
  • Visual Glossary: with audio and definitions in English and Spanish
  • Online Problems
  • Dynamic Activities
  • Math Tools
  • Student Edition
  • MathXL for School

For Teachers

  • Lesson Planning: online lesson planning with customizable lesson plans
  • Classroom Management: Manage assignments and monitor student progress
  • Instruction: Presentation tools to support classroom instruction and differentiation
  • Assessment: Administer quizzes and tests that are automatically graded, with targeted remediation assigned based on student performance
  • Teacher Resources: All teaching ancillaries in one location including editable resources
  • Teacher’s Edition: Full Teacher’s Edition online


Answers and Solutions CD-ROM

With the Answers and Solutions CD-ROM you have access to all answers and stepped out solutions within the text – not just the lesson exercises. The Answers and Solutions CD is for viewing, printing or projecting. Just click on the answer for the full solution, and you never have to spend time writing out all the solutions again! It is definitely a time saving tool to teach and reach your students.



The Exam View Assessment Suite allows you to create numerous versions of customized assessments and worksheets. With a click of a button, test items can change variables, or you can author your own questions quickly and easily. If you need ten questions or two hundred questions, Exam View Test Generator gives you the ability to save time while assessing your students’ achievement.

With Savvas, you get the entire ExamView Assessment Suite, not just the generator, so you can easily create worksheets and assessments and post them online for student use.


Success Tracker

Savvas Success Tracker™ online assessment system provides instant analysis of student performance. Success Tracker™ includes built-in chapter level assessments.

Success Tracker™ diagnoses student success, prescribes automatic remediation, and reports on student and class progress. The remediation provided is in multiple formats: video, tutorial, activity, worksheet, games, and audio.


Teaching with TI Technology

Savvas and Texas Instruments co-developed this activity booklet and CD-ROM to effectively incorporate TI-83 and TI-84 graphing technology into your math classroom. Contains instructional activities, StudyCards™, and data lists.