5/28/2020 Teaching Listening Comprehension During Remote Learning
Listening comprehension is an essential skill for today’s students, especially as a foundational building block for literacy. We know that better listeners are better learners. Research shows that students can listen at least two grade levels higher than they can read. Join us in learning more about different ways including using podcasts to help students with their listening and comprehension skills even while learning remotely. Teaching with podcasts is a fun and engaging way to teach content, language, and grow listening skills. We'll explore how to integrate resources into your instruction and how you can use Listenwise’s collection of podcasts to unlock literacy.
5/21/2020 Setting and Accomplishing Goals for Students and Teachers in School and at Home
Communities have goals for their children. They want them to read well and to have sufficient levels of mathematics and content knowledge and skills so that they can grow up to have productive lives. Often these goals are not made explicit to students. Further, one aspect of productive lives is often overlooked in schools--how reasonable goals are identified and accomplished. Building from her previous webinar of "Ways to Recognize, Celebrate, & Share Learning—Wherever Students Are," this continuation presentation will have Elfrieda (Freddy) H. Hiebert go into greater detail about identifying and accomplishing goals. The objective of this session is to increase our awareness as educators of how goal identification and accomplishment works with our students and also in our own professional and personal lives.
5/21/2020 More than Circuits: Elevate Science with littleBits
Jeremy Macdonald, Sr. Manager, Education Content & Training, and Jessica Williams, Technology Integration Specialist, presents More than Circuits: Elevate Science with littleBits: Bring STEAM to life with littleBits! Join Sphero's Jeremy Macdonald and one of Sphero's amazing heroes, Jessica Williams, to learn all about the Invention Cycle, how to integrate littleBits across various levels, and leave with valuable resources you can use in your school and community to get started right away!

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