Savvas tapped the deep knowledge of mathematics education leaders to develop digits. This esteemed author and advisor team—from diverse areas of expertise including mathematical content, Understanding by Design, and Technology Engagement—came together to construct a highly interactive and personalized learning experience. Click here for printable information about the digits authorship team, especially about their involvement in the CCSS.

Author Monograph on digits and the Common Core by:
Skip Fennell, Eric Milou, Janie Schielack and Helene Sherman. Click Here

Common Core webinar by digits authors:
Skip Fennell, Eric Milou, Janie Schielack, and Helene Sherman! Click Here

Image of Francis Skip Fennell

Francis (Skip) Fennell digits Author

Approaches to mathematics content and curriculum, educational policy, and support for intervention
Dr. Francis (Skip) Fennell is Professor of Education at McDaniel College, and a senior author with Savvas. He is a past president of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and a member of the writing team for the Curriculum Focal Points from the NCTM which influenced the work of the Common Core Standards Initiative. Skip was also one of the writers of the Principles and Standards for School Mathematics.

Image of Dr. Art Johnson

Art Johnson digits Author

Approaches to mathematical content and support for English language learners
Art is a professor of mathematics at Boston University who taught in public school for over thirty years. He is part of the author team for Savvas’s high school mathematics series. Art is the author of numerous books including Teaching Mathematics to Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students published by Allyn & Bacon, Teaching Today’s Mathematics in the Middle Grades published by Allyn & Bacon, and Guiding Children’s Learning of Mathematics, K–6 published by Wadsworth.

Image of Eric Milou

Eric Milou digits Author

Approaches to mathematical content and the use of technology in middle grades classrooms
Eric Milou is Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ. Eric teaches pre-service teachers and works with in-service teachers, and is primarily interested in balancing concept development with skill proficiency. He was part of the nine-member NCTM feedback/advisory team that responded to and met with Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSCO) and National Governors Association (NGA) representatives during the development of various drafts of the Common Core State Standards. Eric is the author of Teaching Mathematics to Middle School Students, published by Allyn and Bacon.

Image of Stuart J. Murphy

Stuart J. Murphy digits Author

Visual learning and student engagement
Stuart J. Murphy is a visual learning specialist and the author of the MathStart series. He contributed to the development of the Visual Learning Bridge in enVisionMATH™ as well as many visual elements of the Prentice Hall Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 high school program.

Image of Janie Schielack

Janie Schielack digits Author

Approaches to mathematical content, building problem solvers, and support for intervention
Janie Schielack is Professor of Mathematics and Associate Dean for Assessment and PreK–12 Education at Texas A&M University. She chaired the writing committee for the NCTM Curriculum Focal Points and was part of the nine-member NCTM feedback and advisory team that responded to and met with CCSSCO and NGA representatives during the development of various drafts of the Common Core State Standards.

Image of Helene Sherman

Helene Sherman digits Author

Teacher education and support for struggling students
Helene Sherman is Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education and and Professor of Education in the College of Education at the University of Missouri in St. Louis, MO. Helene is the author of Teaching Learners Who Struggle with Mathematics, published by Merrill.

Image of Bill Tate

William F. Tate digits Author

Approaches to intervention, and research and practice pathways
William Tate is the Edward Mallinckrodt Distinguished University Professor in Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis, MO. He is a past president of the American Educational Research Association. His research focuses on the social and psychological determinants of mathematics achievement and attainment as well as the political economy of schooling.

Image of Grant Wiggins

Grant Wiggins digits Author

Understanding by Design
Grant Wiggins is a cross-curricular Savvas consulting author specializing in curricular change. He is the author of Understanding by Design published by ASCD, and the President of Authentic Education in Hopewell, NJ. Over the past 20 years, he has worked on some of the most influential reform initiatives in the country, including Vermont’s portfolio system and Ted Sizer’s Coalition of Essential Schools.

Image of Randall I. Charles

Randall I. Charles digits Advisor

Dr. Randall I. Charles is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Mathematics at San Jose State University in San Jose, CA, and a senior author with Savvas. Randall served on the writing team for the Curriculum Focal Points from NCTM. The NCTM Curriculum Focal Points served as a key inspiration to the writers of the Common Core Standards in bringing focus, depth, and coherence to the curriculum.

Image of Jim Cummins

Jim Cummins digits Advisor

Supporting English Language Learners
Jim Cummins is a Canada Research Chair in Language Learning and Literacy Development in Multilingual Contexts at the University of Toronto. His research focuses on literacy development in multilingual school contexts as well as on the potential roles of technology in promoting language and literacy development.

Image of Jacquie Moen

Jacquie Moen digits Advisor

Digital Technology
Jacquie Moen is a consultant specializing in how consumers interact with and use digital technologies. Jacquie worked for AOL for 10 years, and most recently was VP & General Manager for AOL’s kids and teen online services, reaching over seven million kids every month. Jacquie has worked with a wide range of organizations to develop interactive content and strategies to reach families and children, including National Geographic, PBS, Savvas Learning Company, National Wildlife Foundation, and the National Children’s Museum.