Magruder’s American Government ©2010

For on-level learners

Trusted and authoritative, Magruder's American Government ©2010 sets the new standard through an engaging narrative, updated reading support, integrated Essential Questions, and cutting edge technology.

  • Magruder's American Government curriculum is aligned with Foundations Series: American Government.
  • Essential Questions- Instruction and assessment are organized around an Essential Question that explores the big ideas of American Government.
  • American Government Online Student Center- Rich digital learning support includes two online Student Editions, Government on the Go Audio and Video resources, interactive assessment, and more!
  • American Government Online Teacher Center- Teachers easily access complete online planning, teaching, and assessment including lecture notes, multiple levels of worksheets and assessments, and easy-to-use management tools.
  • Differentiated teaching resources- Teachers can quickly choose from multiple levels of worksheets and assessments found on the Online Teacher Center and on the Resource Library Disc.

Essential Questions Journal
Essential Questions Journal, Answer Key