Reading Spot Digital Book Library for Grades K-5

Reading Spot is a digital book library that provides elementary students with anytime, anywhere access to curated collection of thousands of ebooks. Give students greater reading choice and instill a love of reading with Reading Spot:

  • High-interest, popular, and culturally relevant titles
  • For whole-class, small-group, and independent reading
  • Interactive features like highlighting and note-taking
  • Teacher dashboard for monitoring reading progress
Reading Spot digital book library gives students access to elementary eBooks.

Strengthen Elementary Reading with a Robust eBook Library

Reading Spot gives students more reading choices, helping to instill a love of reading and encouraging them to read more.

The eBook library gives students access to thousands of elementary eBooks.

Support Student Choice

Collection includes thousands of high-interest, popular, and culturally relevant titles.

Reading Spot digital reading options include trade books, authentic literature, and content-area nonfiction text.

Grow Literacy Skills

Reading options include trade books, authentic literature, content-area nonfiction texts, and decodable readers.


Interactive Features

Students can highlight, bookmark, and take notes as they read.


Monitor Progress

Teachers can easily track reading time, reading level, and more.

More Reading Choice, More Reading Practice, More Reading Progress

  • Student Experience
  • Teacher Experience
  • More Reading Variety

Student Experience

  • Instill a Love of Reading
    With thousands of developmentally appropriate titles to choose from, Reading Spot offers all K-5 students a chance to find books they love and gain an appreciation for reading.
  • Support Student Choice
    Reading Spot gives all your students easy access to books that fit their interests and growing literacy skills. Students can explore by topic, browse recommended titles, or view class favorites.
  • Read Anywhere and Everywhere
    Students can access Reading Spot from their computer or tablet, allowing them to practice reading and grow literacy skills anytime and anywhere.
  • Empower Student Autonomy
    Reading Spot helps students take ownership of their own reading by helping them track which books are in progress (including % complete), have been completed, or have been marked as a favorite.

Teacher Experience

  • Set Reading Levels
    Teachers start by setting the grade level for their class, then can adjust individual student reading levels as needed. As students progress, teachers can change their reading levels to meet their students’ changing needs.
  • Find and Assign Titles
    It’s easy to search and assign titles that match students’ interests — or let students explore and choose their favorites.
  • Monitor Reading Progress
    Use dashboards to monitor students’ reading progress: reading time, reading level, and favorite titles/topics at the class or individual level.
  • For a Variety of Instructional Needs
    Reading Spot can be used for whole-group instruction with the entire class, during small group time, or for independent reading. The digital titles are ideal for book talks, fluency practice, and word hunts!

More Reading Variety

  • More Reading Genres
    Genres in Reading Spot include biographies, poetry, humor, historical fiction, nonfiction, mystery, science fiction, informational texts, world literature, and more.
  • More Reading Topics
    Topics in Reading Spot include animals and insects, comics and graphic novels, crafts and how-to books, food and cooking, humor and funny stories, sports, science and technology, and many more!
  • More Reading Levels
    Teachers can search for books by genre, Lexile reading level range, guided reading level, or grade level to find books that match students’ reading skills and unique interests.
  • English and Spanish
    Select titles in Reading Spot are also available in Spanish!

Digital Reading Library for Today’s Elementary Classrooms

Easy Access

The Reading Spot digital book library can be accessed via the award-winning Savvas Realize® digital platform, so you can access everything you need with one login!

Interactive Features

Students can highlight, take notes, and bookmark pages as they read. Select titles also include audio support with word-by-word highlighting.

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