California Miller & Levine Biology

California Miller & Levine Biology is developed by preeminent biologists and passionate educators Ken Miller and Joe Levine. This blended print and digital curriculum was written specifically for California.

  • Students are immersed in inquiry as they think, investigate, and talk about biology
  • They interact with phenomena through case studies, problem-based learning, and inquiry-focused lab experiments
  • California’s Environmental Principles and Concepts (EP&Cs) integrated in the core course fuel student inquiry by applying EP&Cs in chapter activities

Modern California Biology Program with Digital Learning Support

California Miller & Levine Biology lets students “experience” science and keeps them interested via visuals, interactivity, and built-in support.


Flexible Resources for Diverse Classrooms

California Miller & Levine Biology provides critical reading support, visual aids, ELD strategies, self-monitoring tasks, and a customizable online platform to improve concept understanding and student enjoyment.


Local California-based Issues Fuel Student Engagement

Problem-Based Learning projects support students’ understanding of relevant, local California phenomena. These student-led science-and-engineering research projects encourage student inquiry and discourse.


Future and Forward Thinking

California Miller & Levine Biology prepares students for the modern workplace. Its instructional model requires complex thinking skills, using scientific knowledge within and across science disciplines, and STEM practice.

Modern California Biology Program with Digital Learning Support

  • Flexible Assessments
  • Accessible Content
  • Multifaceted Assessments
  • Phenomena-Based Learning
  • Problem-Based Learning

Three-Dimensional Learning

  • Active Journal
    Develop scientific habits through authentic problem-based learning activities, case studies, lesson activities, and performance tasks.
  • Crosscutting Concepts
    Woven crosscutting concepts reinforce understanding through engaging multimedia.
  • Practical Applications
    Integrated practices and concepts deepen student understanding of core biology ideas.

Accessible Content

  • Reading and Study Guide Workbook
    The Biology Foundations: Reading and Study Guide Workbook boosts biology comprehension with focused summaries and science literacy practice.
  • Visual Supplements
    Enhance understanding with visual analogies, dynamic photos, illustrations, diagrams, and infographics for a more engaging learning experience.
  • Encourage Interactivity
    Engaging, interactive multimedia enhances student engagement and promotes meaningful learning.
  • ELL Support
    Comprehensive ELD support fosters language development and academic growth across all domains.
  • Differentiation Resources
    Modified instructional strategies integrated at point-of-use allow teachers to adjust instruction for multiple levels of learners.

Multifaceted Assessments

  • Real-World Inquiry
    Real-world assessments allow students to demonstrate STEM mastery.
  • Flexible Instruction
    Targeted formative assessments drive instructional adjustments for student success.
  • Self-Motivation
    Chapter Study Guides empower all learners with summaries and effective study tools.
  • Chapter Assessments Rigorous
    Chapter Assessments drive understanding, connect concepts, and assess critical thinking.
  • Three-Dimensional Assessments
    Three-Dimensional Assessments integrate science practices, crosscutting concepts, and core ideas.

Phenomena-Based Learning

  • Case Studies
    Launch every chapter with a captivating case study in analytical thinking and scientific inquiry.
  • Connecting Activities
    Connect chapter concepts to case studies through data analysis activities, labs, figures, and assessment questions, enhancing understanding.
  • Develop Scientific Reasoning
    Promote argument-driven discussions through data analysis and scientific reasoning.
  • Scientific Careers
    Students explore diverse careers beyond science through real-world case studies and biographies.
  • Science and Technology
    Explore science and its impact on society through cutting-edge technologies.

Problem-Based Learning

  • Unit Problems
    Ignite analytical thinking, collaboration, and self-directed learning through engaging, problem-based units that incorporate all three dimensions.
  • Self-Directed Learning
    Empower students to choose their own subjects and design solutions with problem-based learning.
  • Digital Explorer’s Journal
    Enhance problem-based learning with the online Digital Explorer's Journal for note-taking, data analysis, and progress tracking.
  • Real-Life Problem Solving
    Students build research skills and problem-solving abilities through relevant investigations that deepen understanding of chapter concepts.
  • 21st Century Skills
    Foster 21st-century skill development: research, analysis, collaboration, and more.
  • Building Essential Knowledge
    Students gain problem-solving knowledge with Quick Labs, Virtual Activities, Readings, and STEM projects.
  • Frameworks for Thinking
    Guide students through problem-based learning with comprehensive instructional materials.

Modern California Biology Program with Digital Learning Support


Life in All Its Dimensions

An overview video of California Miller & Levine Biology, developed by preeminent biologists and passionate educators Ken Miller and Joe Levine.

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