Economics: Principles in Action

Helping students build an essential, life-long understanding of core economics principles, Economics: Principles in Action, California Edition features motivating, hands-on activities, interactive graphics, animations, and videos to help build relevant economic literacy.

  • MyStory videos encourage California students to engage with personal stories related to the content.
  • This program is 100% California standards-aligned.
  • It’s available in print, digital, and blended options.

Modern Economics Program

Economics: Principles in Action (California Edition) focuses on:

  • Content Aligned to California Standards
  • Literacy Skills Development
  • Inquiry for Active Learning
  • Citizenship for Civic Life


Content Aligned to the California Standards and Framework

Economics: Principles in Action (California Edition) was built in partnership with California educators to inspire active learning and inquiry that engages every student, every day.


Literacy Skills Development

Scaffolded literacy support helps students read text closely, build vocabulary and language skills, and use evidence to articulate their ideas.


Inquiry for Active Learning

California students connect with content by asking compelling questions, conducting research, and communicating their findings.


Citizenship for Civic Life

Savvas focuses on developing your students’ History-Social Science skills to prepare them for a successful future. Critical thinking, problem solving, and participatory skills are embedded throughout the program.

Modern Economics Program

  • Relevant
  • Differentiated Resources
  • Inquiry-Based
  • Primary Sources


  • Curricula Relates Economics to Today
    • Connect students’ modern lives to relevant lessons and open essential questions drawn from real-world examples.
    • Make history personal with My Story Video for students, available on Realize.

Differentiated Resources

  • Differentiated Content and Instruction Resources to Reach all Your Students
    • This workbook will help all students master rigorous narrative text by providing active learning and differentiated support.
    • Achieved through note-taking, reading strategies and vocabulary support, easy-to-read summaries of key content, and tools for Universal Access.
    • Also available in Spanish.


  • Resources
    • Your students will embark on a Quest Team Project for each chapter, following the 4 part learning model: Connect, Investigate, Synthesize, Demonstrate.
    • Three types of Quest experiences include document-based writing inquiry, project-based learning inquiry, and civic discussion inquiry.
    • Each topic also opens with an Essential Question.

Primary Sources

  • Primary Sources Emphasis
    Primary sources are embedded throughout the text, and additional ones are at the end of each lesson.
  • Built-in Scaffolded Reading
    Scaffolded reading and analysis support prepares students for assessments.

Engaging content and time-saving classroom management tools come together in the teacher-friendly Savvas Realize® LMS, included with your program.

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Savvas Realize® brings our award-winning content to life in an exciting digital experience that students love. For teachers and admins, it includes valuable classroom-management tools like auto-rostering, single-sign-on, and available integrations with most top K-12 LMSs.

Preview your week ahead, adjust your daily lesson plans, review student and class progress, build and share lessons with your own content, or easily search for differentiated resources to inspire more “lightbulb” moments for your students. Realize’s single-sign-on platform makes it all easy and manageable.

Make logging into your Realize dashboard an essential daily activity–just like checking your school email and Google Classroom accounts–to get a clear, organized path to your learning goals.

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