Georgia MyView Literacy

Transform Georgia student achievement with Georgia myView Literacy® and our proven model grounded in the Science of Reading and Writing.

  • Daily explicit foundational skills instruction
  • Evidence-based reading and writing instruction
  • Engaging literature and storytelling
  • Diagnostic tools for differentiation
  • Ample practice for skills mastery
  • Clear path to building knowledge

Leveraging Science to Develop Strong Readers and Writers

The road to a strong reading and writing program is built on science. Unlock student potential with myView Literacy’s comprehensive roadmap proven to boost student achievement.


Daily Foundational Skills

Reading success begins with daily explicit and systematic foundational skills instruction in phonological awareness, phonics, and word study—the basic building blocks of reading.


Vocabulary & Comprehension

A consistent five day routine in vocabulary and comprehension instruction allows teachers to deep dive into high-quality literature and make lasting learning connections.


Small Group

Small group time allows teachers to differentiate and reinforce skills that were taught in whole group lessons and close learning gaps. With myView Literacy, lessons are pre-planned to meet varying differentiation needs.



In order to become competent, fluent writers, students need explicit and systematic instruction in the foundational skills of writing, such as language, handwriting, spelling, and conventions in addition to explicit instruction in writing composition.

Building Knowledge is in Our DNA

  • Built for GA Classrooms
  • Knowledge, Vocabulary, and Engagement
  • Deliberate Practice at Your Fingertips
  • Text that Reflects Students’ Experience

Built for GA Classrooms

  • Georgia Support
    Georgia Unit Level Tabs with GSEs support additional GSE practice.
  • Georgia Item Analysis Charts
    Provide details on skills, DOK level, standard assessed, and direct support for remediation.
  • Georgia Enhancements
    Help meet the new Georgia Standards of Excellence.
  • Georgia Online
    Provides seamless, enhanced Georgia Digital Experience

Engaging Elementary Reading Curriculum that Builds Knowledge, Vocabulary, and Student Interest.

  • Connecting New Knowledge with Prior Knowledge
    Our Building Knowledge Library leverages evidence-based practices to ensure students have ample background knowledge. Each lesson builds knowledge with an Essential Question that anchors the weekly texts, increases brain-based connections, and elevates understanding. Vertically aligned units seamlessly blend reading and writing skills with science and social studies content areas.
  • Rich Vocabulary and Engaging Text
    A variety of text introduces students to new words and concepts, expanding their language skills with every page turned.

Deliberate Practice at Your Fingertips

  • Reading Routines Companion
    The Reading Routines Companion establishes lesson structures, saves planning time, and prioritizes student achievement through routine-based instruction for deeper practice and targeted differentiation support.
  • Skills Practice Book
    Formative assessment and corrective feedback accompany practice in each lesson and give teachers tools for differentiation. Through our comprehensive system for explicit foundational skills instruction and practice, students have adequate time to practice the concepts taught that week.

Text that Reflects Students’ Experience

  • Authentic, Relatable Text Collection
    Spark curiosity and make meaningful connections with topics that are relevant and engaging to students. From history and nature, to space and culture, our books are a gateway to fascination and meaningful learning.

New Digital Technologies for K-12 Ecosystem

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Savvas Realize® is our award-winning LMS. Access digital content, assessments, productivity tools, and data. 1EdTech certified for easy integrations.

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A next-generation learning solution that provides an all-inclusive, one-year digital license to our most popular Math, Literacy, Science, and Social Studies national K–12 programs.

Supporting Your Science of Reading Journey Every Step of the Way

  • The Science of Student Engagement
  • Georgia Reading Program Roadmap
  • Teacher Podcast
  • Research

myView Literacy: Grounded in the Science of Reading

Teach with confidence knowing that your instruction is today’s solution for tomorrow’s learner.

Science of Reading Master Course

Bypass Planning Time

myView Literacy’s instructional slides, weekly planner, and materials guide save you time, so you can do what you do best—teach.

View Brochure

Stay up to date on current literacy trends from program authors, thought leaders, and teachers around the country.

Explore Podcasts

Evidence in myView Literacy

Unparalleled research ensures instruction is effective, engaging, and impacts student literacy.

Science of Reading Research Brief

Frequently Asked Questions about Georgia myView Literacy

  • What is Georgia myView Literacy?
    Georgia myView Literacy is a comprehensive, interactive core literacy program for elementary students that targets all areas of the literacy block. Through the science of reading, authentic literature, and mentor texts, teachers can inspire growing readers and authors.
  • What differentiation options does myView Literacy offer for teachers to tailor instruction to meet student needs?
    Differentiation options include leveled content readers and decodable stories that give students more skills practice with additional text selections. The Reading Routines Companion provides more options for reteaching foundational skills, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.
  • How can teachers use myFocus Intervention lessons?
    myFocus Intervention is a targeted, skill-specific, flexible resource. Many teachers use it for Tier 2 Instruction support in small groups. Lesson topics can be correlated with whole-group lessons or taught in isolation to help zero-in on closing learning gaps.
  • How does myView Literacy support English Language Learners (ELLs) during whole- and small-group instruction?
    For whole group instruction, tiered scaffolds that align to WIDA proficiency levels help ELLs engage with instruction at the same rate as their English-speaking peers. The Language Awareness Handbook provides teachers with scaffolded lessons that correlate directly with whole group instruction and give ELLs additional support.
  • What routines does Georgia myView Literacy use to teach reading comprehension skills?

    Georgia myView Literacy utilizes a consistent five-lesson routine for teaching comprehension: visualizing text characteristics; student-teacher shared text reading; a focus on specific comprehension skills, including close reading; and student reflection on their reading.

    All lessons center around one anchor text–this enables students to gain comfortability with a selection and teachers to dive deeper into comprehension instruction.

  • How does Georgia myView Literacy support students in learning to read and foundational skills?
    Georgia myView Literacy is grounded in the science of reading, which indicates students need explicit instruction on critical elements to ensure they develop foundational skills. As students progress through the primary grades, they grow as readers, using systematic and explicit instruction of phonological awareness skills.
  • Does Savvas offer social- emotional Learning opportunities throughout Georgia myView Literacy?
    Georgia myView Literacy incorporates the five pillars of social-emotional learning to ensure student success beyond the text. The program gives students the opportunity to work with peers on writing activities as they explain their views and develop the art of giving and receiving feedback. Each unit culminates with project-based learning where students work together to showcase their growth.
  • What are some options for organizing the writing block in Georgia myView Literacy?
    The writing block can be organized in a variety of ways. Writing mini lessons ensure that teachers are maximizing instructional time. Weekly Fast Track enables teachers to prioritize which lessons are most crucial for ensuring that all writing standards are covered.
  • How can ESSER funding be used to support students in Georgia myView Literacy?
    ESSER is the federal COVID-19 relief aid for K12 schools. All Savvas programs can be funded via ESSER, including Georgia myView Literacy.
  • How does Successmaker work with Georgia myView Literacy?
    SuccessMaker Reading helps students achieve growth from any starting point. It’s an adaptive, evidence-based intervention tool under ESSA, with high-interest reading, tutorials, scaffolds, videos, and mini-lessons. SuccessMaker continually differentiates instruction for all readers and supplements myView Literacy’s instruction.

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