Algebra and Trigonometry 7th Edition

Show students their world is profoundly mathematical. Bob Blitzer continues to support and inspire students with his engaging approach, making this text beloved year after year by students and teachers alike. Blitzer's unique background in mathematics and behavioral science informs a wide range of applications, drawn from pop culture and up-to-date references, that appeal to students of all majors and connect math to students' lives.

MyMathLab® for School

MyMathLab® for School course aims to help bring underprepared students up to speed. Integrated Review and an expanded suite of materials support all courses, regardless of course format or structure. New gradable GeoGebra Graphing Exercises create a more dynamic graphing environment, encouraging more of a paper-pencil experience, while the expanded selection of Interactive Figures helps students visualize mathematical concepts. Reach every student with MyMathLab for School with Pearson eText MyMathLab for School empowers you to reach every student. This flexible digital platform combines unrivaled content, online assessments, and customizable features so you can personalize learning and improve results.


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