Civics Interactive - Digital Civics Curriculum

Civics Interactive, a digital program from Savvas Learning Company, is designed to actively promote civic engagement for young adults in grades 6–12. The civics curriculum develops important civic competencies and life skills needed to become informed and responsible citizens.

  • 100 percent digital program features frequently refreshed resources.
  • Daily current-events stories make content relevant to students.
  • Only new civics program currently on the market
  • Builds civic knowledge and life skills through hands-on approach.
Civics Interactive is a digital civics curriculum that develops civic competencies and life skills.

Develop Social and Civic Competencies

Civics Interactive uses skills-based curricula to help students understand how civics applies to their everyday lives.


Make civics active and relevant for your students

Personalize civics instruction by connecting history and daily events to students’ lives with thought-provoking content, activities, and media.


Skills-focused civic learning

Focus on building civic knowledge and life skills, such as problem solving, teamwork, or evaluating media. Civics Interactive helps you develop community-minded citizens through a hands-on, life-skill approach.


Inspire students to take civic action

Encourage students to get involved, participate, and engage in civic life at all times throughout the course. Student-centered inquiry projects foster critical thinking skills while guiding students to take action to create solutions.


Teacher support to develop important civic competencies

Civics Interactive helps you reduce lesson planning and classroom-management time, so you can focus on teaching instead. Its Topic Planner and Lesson At-a-Glance features will save you countless preparation hours.

Digital Civics Curriculum Resources

  • Relevant to Students’ Lives
  • Flexible Resources
  • Innovative Lesson Support

Civics Interactive curricula makes learning relevant to students’ lives.

  • Daily news stories

    Daily news stories connect current events and topic ideas to make learning relevant and authentic.

  • Connect your lessons
    Connect your lessons to  current news events with daily Listenwise® podcasts.
  • Short topic kick-off videos
    Short topic kick-off videos introduce skills by engaging students in personal stories of people and events.
  • Topic focus
    Each topic focuses on an important life skill, which is broken down into sub skills that are the focus of each lesson.
  • Online Inquiry Center
    Beyond a textbook, the digital program includes an  online Inquiry Center with searchable student civics inquiry projects and activities, plus teacher support  at the ready. 
Civics Interactive is a digital civics curriculum sample lesson.
Flexible mini lessons and resources enable teachers to teach their way.
  • Easy access to resources
    The Civics Interactive program dashboard makes it easy to access resources for the most effective and efficient civics instruction.
  • Modular digital content
    Modular digital content provides short, flexible, interchangeable lessons.
  • Differentiated lesson support 
    Interactive primary sources and vetted open educational resources provide flexible,  differentiated lesson support at point of use.
  • Performance-based activities

    Performance-based activities in every lesson emphasize doing and thinking rather than just memorizing facts.

Topic slide decks and flipped-classroom videos kick off concepts and walk through lesson activities.
  • Lesson At-a-Glance
    The Lesson At-a-Glance feature details objectives, vocabulary, resources, extension activities, pacing, and more. It will save you hours each week.
  • Topic Planner
    The Topic Planner gives you a clear picture of upcoming lessons. Topic skills, resources, routines, and pacing suggestions help you achieve your goals.
  • Lesson skills
    Skills video, photo, or test prompts help you introduce lesson skills and prompt discussion in a visual way.
  • Maximize your classroom teaching time
    Each lesson includes recommendations in periods and minutes to maximize your classroom teaching time.

Take a Closer Look at Civics Interactive

Civics Interactive overview video for the digital civics curriculum that develops civic competencies.

Get an Overview

Civics Interactive leverages videos to connect history to the skills that students need to acquire as they're becoming active citizens in their communities.

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Civics Interactive Program Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Civics Interactive and what are the components?

    Civics Interactive is a brand new digital program designed to actively promote civic engagement for young adults in Grades 6-12. The curriculum develops important civic competencies and life skills needed to become informed and responsible citizens.

    Coming Soon! Take an Interactive Tour of Civics Interactive.

  • What are the key features in Civics Interactive?
    1. Daily Current Events news stories to make learning relevant
    2. Mini Lessons that allow teachers to teach their way with modular digital content that provides short, flexible, and interchangeable lessons
    3. Topic Slide Decks to kick off concepts and walk through lesson activities
    4. Topic Kickoff Videos to engage students in personal stories of people and events
    5. Inquiry Center projects that foster collaboration and communication skills
    6. Extension Activities at point of use—composed of open educational resources, like iCivics, Crash Course, Bill of Rights Institute, and more.
  • What are the topic skills taught in Civics Interactive?
    • Topic 1: Get Involved in Your Community
    • Topic 2: Become an Active Citizen
    • Topic 3: Solve Problems
    • Topic 4: Listen to Many Voices
    • Topic 5: Join in Civil Conversations
    • Topic 6: Defend All Rights
    • Topic 7: Collaborate With Others
    • Topic 8: Vote Responsibly
    • Topic 9: Find Accurate Information
    • Topic 10: Make Decisions
    • Topic 11: Apply Math Skills to Social Studies
    • Topic 12: Express Ideas Effectively
  • How do I sign up for a Civics Interactive digital demo?
    Civics Interactive digital courseware on Savvas Realize® includes robust digital tools that give teachers flexibility to use a digital format in their classrooms. Teachers can customize the program to rearrange content, upload their own content, add links to online media, and edit resources and assessments. Program-specific resources, flexible agnostic resources, and assessments are available in one location for easy lesson planning and presentation. 

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