Momentum Literacy Screener and Diagnostic Assessments

Momentum Literacy, part of the Savvas Momentum Assessment Suite, is designed to maximize the power of instruction by targeting each student’s greatest opportunities for improvement and pairing that data with standards-aligned instructional resources. Momentum is available on the Savvas Realize® digital platform and seamlessly integrates with myView Literacy and myPerspectives, or it can be used as a standalone assessment solution.

  • Grades K-8
  • Easy-to-administer
  • Universal literacy screener
  • Multistage adaptive diagnostic assessment
  • Robust reporting
  • Developed with WestEd®
  • Part of the Savvas Momentum Assessment Suite

Online Literacy Screener and Diagnostic Solution for Grades K-8

Quickly and easily discover every student’s individual relative strengths, areas of improvement, and stretch goals.


Personalized for Efficacy and Efficiency

Momentum adapts to each student's response for a more personalized and on-target testing experience.


Flexible Instructional Recommendations

Real-time data provides immediate insights to differentiate instruction. The diagnostic results make specific instructional recommendations for every learner.


Robust Data Reporting

Teachers and administrators can view student performance by district, school, class, and individual student. Norm-referenced scores provide reliable evidence and validity for instructional decisions.


Single Sign-On and Seamless Integration

Momentum Literacy is available on the Savvas Realize® digital platform. It seamlessly integrates with core Savvas literacy/ELA programs for easy implementation.

Powerful Literacy Assessments Identify Gaps for Targeted Instruction

  • Universal Screener
  • Multistage Adaptive Diagnostic
  • Scoring & Flexible Instructional Recommendations

Universal Screener

  • Screening Assessment
    Momentum provides a short screening assessment that identifies student proficiency in prerequisite ELA/literacy skills.

Multistage Adaptive Diagnostic

  • Discover Student Strengths
    The adaptive diagnostic assessment digs deeper to pinpoint strengths and growth opportunities.

Scoring & Flexible Instructional Recommendations

  • Content Suggestions
    Norm-referenced student data generates on-, above-, or below-level instructional content recommendations.

Get a Closer Look at How Momentum Literacy Supports You and Your Students


Data and Reports

Online Platform That Makes Assessing to Learn Easy


Momentum is also available for K-8 math classrooms using the Savvas Realize LMS.


The Momentum Dyslexia Screener is a Grades K-3 screener for reading difficulties like dyslexia.

Quality Assessments to Meet Your Literacy Goals

  • WestEd

Developed in Association with WestEd

WestEd’s leadership and psychometric expertise ensure item validity and assessments are unbiased and equitable.

  • Industry-recognized experts
  • Expertise producing proprietary, valid, and normed assessments


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