myPerspectives® English Language Arts for Grades 6–12


myPerspectives® is a powerful, next generation literacy program that places students at the center of learning and gives teachers the right tools and resources, research-based guidance, and autonomy to do what they do best to support each unique learner.

  • Bring Students In with relevant and engaging content
  • Get Students Going with support and scaffolding for ALL learners
  • Keep Students on Track with built-in formative assessments and progress monitoring
  • Let Students Explore, Share, and Grow with collaborative experiences that hone writing, speaking, and listening skills
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Proven Efficacy That Makes a Difference

Empower and inspire lifelong literacy learning with high quality instructional resources, engaging content, cutting-edge technology, and purposeful activities that develop students into confident, effective, and powerful communicators.


Student-Centered Learning

Relevant and diverse texts and media allow students to see themselves reflected in the stories and develop their own voice as they build knowledge and participate in the broader conversation. A built-in gradual release instructional model promotes ownership of learning, collaboration, and student independence.


Geared for Next-Gen Learners

From intriguing thematic units to relevant texts and media, to Hook & Inspire features and current events podcasts, myPerspectives connects with students today and allows them to bring their own ideas and lived experiences to enrich learning.


Integrated ELA Skills

Students analyze texts through the eyes of a reader and writer and have academic discussions. They work on group projects, create their own compositions, and complete rigorous Performance-Based Assessments.


Interactive Learning on Savvas Realize

myPerspectives on Savvas Realize® lets students use technology to make learning come alive with multimedia resources, personalized learning tools, and interactive lessons and video tutorials.

Why myPerspectives?


Responsive Supports to Differentiate and Deliver Instruction

  • High-Quality Content
  • Meet Students Where They Are
  • Reaching All Learners
  • Flexible and Customizable

High-Quality Content

  • Media Studio

    Groundbreaking units guide students through analyzing and creating media projects as they learn how to be a savvy consumer and producer.

    Learn More

  • Grounded in Research

    myPerspectives incorporates evidence-approaches and research-based strategies, with field study results that show significant gains in student achievement.

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  • Promotes Student Ownership of Learning

    Each unit is backward designed from the Performance-Based Assessment and provides a gradual release instructional model. In Whole-Class Learning, the teacher models close reading and writing. In Peer-Group Learning, students work in teams to complete a project. In Independent Learning students apply the skills they’ve learned.

    At the end of the unit, students pull together everything they’ve done to complete the Performance-Based Assessment. The teacher role moves from instructor to facilitator, to advisor, and students develop ownership of learning as they set their own goals and work in larger groups, smaller teams, and independently.

  • Streamlined Components
    myPerspectives includes a digital or print Student Edition that is available as a consumable or hardcover. The Teacher’s Edition is available digitally or as a durable hardcover resource that includes instructional support, teaching notes, and the Student Edition pages. myPerspectives Digital includes the student and teacher materials as well as robust tools, interactive resources, and additional content including multimedia, current events, and translation support.

Meet Students Where They Are

  • Hook & Inspire
    These optional bonus ideas help you easily connect students Into, Through, and Beyond the text with engaging videos, graphics, songs, music, and other sources. Learn more.
  • Listenwise Current Events Podcasts
    Curated public radio stories help students connect what is happening in the world to literature in the classroom. Listenwise® brings the power of public radio to ELA classrooms with:
    • Compelling nonfiction stories that are unit-aligned to the topics as well as access to new podcasts available every day
    • Cross-curricular connections in ELA, Social Studies, and Science
    • Multimodal learning where students practice and develop critical listening skills
  • Sharing Perspectives
    These discussion prompts allow students to connect with each other, the texts, and the authors through thought-provoking, open-ended questions. Prompts allow students to think deeper and more critically so they can bring their own voice, cultural background, and insights as they respond to prompts through multiple lenses.

Reaching All Learners

  • Robust Scaffolding
    Teachers have access to strategies and tools for differentiated instruction throughout myPerspectives, including text complexity rubrics with leveled teaching suggestions, remediation opportunities, and reading support for each text.
  • Multilingual Learner Support
    Instructional notes in the Teacher’s Edition include support and strategies for multilingual learners aligned to WIDA ®. In addition, students have access to a multilingual glossary, etext translation tool with access to over 100+ languages, Spanish audio summaries, and so much more.
  • Formative & Summative Assessments
    Readiness Checks in the Teacher’s Edition provide Exit Tickets to help you respond to students’ needs at point of use. Language Support notes provide additional support and scaffolding. Students work on two Performance Tasks in every unit and complete the culminating Performance-Based Assessment. Detailed Savvas Realize reports ensure that you have the data you need to drive instruction and monitor student progress and mastery.

Flexible and Customizable

  • Teach Your Way
    All resources are available on Savvas Realize. You can reorder the table of contents, upload files and media, add links, and create custom lessons and assessments. A Playlist feature makes it easy for you to create your own units, lessons, and resource folders by pulling in already created content, uploading your own content, or linking to outside resources.
  • Intuitive and Easy To Use
    Navigating Savvas Realize is easy with a quick search function and featured resources at your fingertips. You can integrate with your district’s learning management system, share content with other teachers, optimize instruction with the new Teacher Assist Panel and presentation mode, assign lesson resources quickly with slide sorter view, and utilize Performance Analysis reports that allow for quick grouping of students.
  • Make Learning Come Alive
    Digital resources and tools in myPerspectives enhance the teaching and learning experiences with embedded multimedia, interactive prompts, interactive mini lessons, videos, tutorials, a classroom discussion board, interactive assessments, practice activities, a digital notebook, translation tools, multilingual glossary, and more.

Take a Closer Look at myPerspectives


A Word from Dr. Morrell

Hear directly from one of the authors behind the program and why myPerspectives makes a difference.


Collaborative Discussions and Questioning

See myPerspectives in action as Pamela helps her students use collaborative discussions and questioning to dig deeper into a text.


Digital Tour

Take a guided tour through myPerspectives on Savvas Realize to explore all the resources and see how easy it is to use.

One-Stop Online Learning Management System for the Modern Teacher

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Savvas Realize® is our award-winning LMS. Access digital content, assessments, productivity tools, and data. 1EdTech certified for easy integrations.

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Part of the Savvas Momentum Assessment Suite, the Savvas Literacy Screener and Diagnostic Assessments (LSDA) is available for Grades 6-8 and leverages multistage adaptive technology to deliver tailored instruction that addresses students’ individual learning needs. Available on Savvas Realize®.

Frequently Asked Questions About myPerspectives

  • What is myPerspectives?
    myPerspectives® English Language Arts for grades 6–12 is a research-based, comprehensive literacy solution designed to support student learning. Purposeful activities foster student ownership of learning and reflect real-world scenarios with students working in large groups, in smaller teams, and independently.

    As students read relevant and diverse texts, have thought-provoking discussions, collaborate with their peers, and hone their communication skills, they will use transferable strategies and develop lifelong learning habits that help them be successful wherever they go.
  • What are the program’s components?
    The program is made up of:
    • Teacher’s Edition: Available in digital and print, it includes wrap-around pages that provide direct instruction and teaching suggestions to engage students.

    • Student Edition (Hard Cover): Available in digital and print (write-in consumable and hardcover formats), it provides multigenre readings; standards-based instruction; and Performance Task practice for each unit, culminating in an end-of-unit Performance-Based Assessment.

    • myPerspectives Digital: Courseware on Savvas Realize includes robust digital tools that give teachers flexibility to use a digital, print, or blended format in their classrooms.

    • Teachers can customize the program to rearrange content, upload their own content, add links to online media, and edit resources and assessments.
  • What’s different about the New Edition of myPerspectives?

    This New Edition includes exciting enhancements driven by user feedback and market research and include MORE: 

    • Contemporary, relevant texts;
    • Student-facing reading support;
    • Comprehensive, interactive writing instruction;
    • Student choice for demonstrating learning;
    • Opportunities to build knowledge and develop vocabulary;
    • A streamlined digital experience;
    • Time-saving tools and resources for flexibility;
    • Support for multilingual learners; and 
    • Easy, on-the-spot progress monitoring. 
  • How do I sign up for a myPerspectives demo?
    myPerspectives digital courseware on Savvas Realize includes robust digital tools that give teachers flexibility to use a digital, print, or blended format in their classrooms. Teachers can customize the program to rearrange content, upload their own content, add links to online media, and edit resources and assessments. Click here to request a FREE demo account.
  • How were the texts selected and is there a balance of informational and literary texts?

    myPerspectives provides a variety of reading opportunities for students to build content knowledge. Texts have been carefully selected to enable students to encounter a wide range of literary and informational texts that include narrative fiction, graphic novel excerpts, speeches, articles, poetry, drama, functional and foundational texts, media, and more.

    The Table of Contents identifies the genres of each text included in the program. Texts were chosen based on criteria such as literary merit, author’s craft, themes, gender and cultural representations and experiences, insights, readability, and diversity.


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