Revel® from Pearson

Revel® from Pearson improves results by empowering students to actively participate in learning. More than a digital textbook, Revel delivers an engaging blend of author content, media, and assessment.

  • Read and practice in one continuous experience
  • Integrated interactive content and assessments
  • Mobile- and user-friendly
  • Easy LMS Integration

Revel facilitates active learning to help students succeed

Revel provides an engaging all-in-one platform for teachers and students to get the most from their classroom experience.


Encourage Practice and Review

Embedded assessments such as quizzes and concept checks afford students opportunities to check their understanding at regular intervals before moving on. Instructors can gauge student comprehension frequently, provide timely feedback, and address learning gaps along the way.


Boost Understanding Through Engaging Assignments

Interactive assignments in Revel offer students opportunities to further their knowledge by applying concepts and testing their understanding.


Foster Critical Thinking Through Writing

Revel includes writing assignments to support critical thinking. Self-paced journaling prompts throughout the narrative encourage students to express their thoughts without breaking stride in their reading.


Enable Learning Anytime, Anywhere

The Revel mobile app lets students read, practice, and study on any device. App syncs work across all registered devices. Students gain the flexibility to toggle between phone, tablet, and laptop throughout their day.

Providing an All-in-One Solution

  • Writing and Critical Thinking Support
  • Assignments to Deepen Understanding
  • Gain a Clear View of Class Performance
  • Easy Access the First Day of Class

Writing and Critical Thinking Support

  • Journaling Prompts
    Self-paced journaling prompts throughout the narrative encourage students to express their thoughts without breaking stride in their reading.
  • Writing Activities
    Assignable shared writing activities direct students to share written responses with classmates, fostering peer discussion.
  • Essays
    Essays integrated directly within Revel allow instructors to assign the precise writing tasks they need. Educators can create and grade their own prompts, or they can use a Pearson-created prompt, grade the first batch of assignments, and let the assisted auto-scoring functionality in Revel do the rest.

Assignments to Deepen Understanding

  • Video Quizzes
    Video quizzes engage students while checking their understanding of concepts. Instructors can share videos accompanied by time-stamped multiple-choice questions.
  • Multimedia Assignments
    Shared multimedia assignments enable instructors and students to post and respond to videos and other media. Students can also record and upload their own presentations for grading, comments, or peer review.

Gain a Clear View of Class Performance

  • Educator Dashboard
    The Educator Dashboard offers an at-a-glance look at overall class performance. It helps instructors identify and contact struggling and low-activity students, ensuring that the class stays on pace.
  • Enhanced Grades View
    The Enhanced Grades View provides detailed insights on student performance, from specific assignments to individual student scores.

Easy Access the First Day of Class

  • LMS Integration
    LMS Integration provides institutions, instructors, and students easy access to their revel courses via Blackboard Learn, Canvas, Brightspace by D2L, and Moodle. With single sign-on, students can be ready to access an interactive blend of authors’ narrative, media, and assessment on their first day.

Learn More About Revel® from Pearson

Learn More About Revel® from Pearson

On-Demand Training

The new enhanced Revel gives you even more flexibility to teach how you’ve always imagined.

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The Impact of Revel on Outcomes
  • Testimonial 1:
    “Final course scores improved 17% after implementation of Revel.”
    - North Georgia Technical College
  • Testimonial 2:
    “I see that students who are engaged with Revel and reading the textbook are doing very well in my class.”
    - David Toye, full-time professor at Northeast State Community College in Tennessee
  • Testimonial 3:
    “90% of students agreed that Revel quizzes made them more prepared for class.”
    - Kirkwood Community College, Cedar Rapids, IA
  • Testimonial 4:
    “Revel gives [students] a foundation for understanding content and it is their first exposure they are going to have to think critically about psychology.”
    Garth Neufeld, full-time professor at Cascadia College in Washington
  • Testimonial 5:
    “The analytics that Revel provides get me excited. I want to know what my students struggle with because that guides how I teach them.”
    - Dr. Manda Williamson at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln
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