Mastering® from Pearson

Mastering® from Pearson is the teaching and learning platform that empowers you to reach every student. When combined with educational content written by respected scholars, Mastering helps deliver the learning outcomes that students and teachers aspire to.

  • Flexible Digital Platform
  • Personalized Tools for student success
  • Unrivaled content
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Personalize the Learning Experience and Improve Results for Each Student

Mastering offers personalized tools that help teachers give each student what he or she needs to succeed.


Continuously Adaptive Learning

Based on cognitive science research, Mastering® with Adaptive Learning assesses student performance and activity in real time. Personalized content helps to reinforce concepts that target each student’s strengths and weaknesses.


Help Students Study Better

Dynamic Study Modules leverage the latest research in cognitive science, using methods—such as adaptivity, gamification, and intermittent rewards—to stimulate learning and improve retention.


Target Gaps in Student Understanding

Available for select titles, Adaptive Follow-Ups incorporate findings from cognitive psychology studies. Through the use of spacing — the practice of repeatedly presenting information over spaced intervals — Mastering helps students retain information.

Mastering Allows You to…

  • Supporting All Learners
  • Teach Your Course Your Way
  • Deliver Trusted Content
  • Access The Item Library
  • Have Flexible Courseware

Supporting All Learners

  • Extensive Library
    Teachers can access a library of extensively tested end-of-chapter problems and comprehensive tutorials that incorporate a wide variety of answer types; wrong-answer feedback; and individualized help, including hints or simpler sub-problems.
  • Tracking Student Progress
    Using the available system tools, teachers can analyze class trends and the work of individual students.

Teach Your Course Your Way

  • Performance Analytics
    Online assessments and data show teachers student performance, so teachers can decide what to teach and how best to teach it.

Deliver Trusted Content

  • Educational Videos
    Produced with authors and key contributors, our large library of assignable product videos helps students visualize complex concepts and, in some cases, solve problems. Follow-up assessments gauge their comprehension.

Access the Item Library

  • Tailored Instruction
    Teachers can use the Mastering item library for hundreds of activities and problems. These can be tailored to specific instructional goals. Teachers can develop pre-class and post-class diagnostic tests that are automatically graded. They can also create weekly homework assignments and exams of appropriate difficulty, duration, and content coverage.

Have Flexible Courseware

  • Instructor Guides
    Most Instructor Guides contain detailed text overviews, sample syllabi for courses of different emphasis and duration, suggested teaching strategies, answers or discussion points for the text, solutions to end-of-chapter problems, and a detailed reference guide summarizing media resources.

On-Demand Training

Mastering is part of our commitment to help today’s teachers motivate students in innovative, creative ways that drive life-long learning.

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