Investigations 3 – Inquiry-Based Math Curriculum  

Investigations 3 is a K-5 mathematics curriculum that supports students in making sense of mathematical ideas and supports teachers in making sense of both mathematics content and student thinking.

  • Inquiry Based Instruction
  • Hands On Opportunities
  • Flexible Learning Procedures
  • Digital Resources
  • Spanish and English Available
  • Teacher Support and Professional Development

Investigations 3 Inquiry-Based Student-Centered Math Curriculum for Grades K-5

Teachers create a student-centered environment that engages through active discovery to develop understanding and fluency.


Intrigue Students

Engage students in active thinking and problem solving. Games and manipulatives provide hands-on opportunities. Flexible learning procedures and classroom discussions encourage mathematical discourse.


Inspire Teachers

Improve teacher confidence and achievement. Digital teacher presentations engage learners and save time. Session-specific suggestions are provided for intervention, extension, and ELL.


Involve Families

Encourage family involvement to promote student confidence and understanding. Families can access assessment results, progress reports, virtual manipulatives, games, and assigned student tasks online.


Inquiry-Based Learning

Rich, engaging mathematical tasks allow for multiple entry points and varied solutions. Discussions let students share their work and thinking with classmates to deepen understanding and fluency.

Inquiry-Based K-5 Mathematics Teaching Solutions

  • Inspiring Resources for Teachers
  • Embedded Student Support
  • Scout Progressing Monitoring
  • Parent Engagement
  • Game-Based Practice
  • Professional Development
    Built-in professional development resources
  • Classroom Presentations
    Access to presentations for projecting content such as Classroom Routines, Ten-Minute Math, Games and Activities
  • Savvas Realize
    Savvas Realize provides a holistic approach to planning, teaching, and assessing
  • A Blend of Print and Digital
    A perfect blend of print and digital resources with Spanish Companion available
  • Differentiation Support
    Engaging differentiation opportunities are designed to support the range of learners, including ELL
  • SuccessMaker Integration
    SuccessMaker Available for Tier 3 intervention
  • Check Student Pacing
    Access curriculum assessment checklists, anecdotal notes, photos, videos of class discussions and individual student work
  • Support Student Development
    Support ongoing student progress monitoring using the digital observation assessment tool
  • Help Students Learn at Home
    Math Words and Ideas digital resource provides a clear, interactive review of concepts learned in class to reinforce learning at home
  • Student Activity Book
    The Student Activity Book includes Daily Practice, Family Letters, and Homework pages available in print or online
  • Improve Math Skills
    Develop concepts and fluency skills
  • Mathematical Strategies
    Encourage strategic mathematical thinking
  • Family Support
    Provide practice that engages students and families in mathematical thinking

Take a deeper look into Investigation 3’s features

Program Overview

Discover the methods Investigations 3 uses and how it can impact your classroom.


Student-led Discussions help to consolidate student learning.


Activity introduces students to mathematical ideas and investigation to deepen understanding.


Math Workshop provides repetition and reinforces real-world connections for students.

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Discover how Investigations 3 Supports K-5 Math Instruction

  • Documenting Student Learning
  • Be Treated Like a Professional
  • Explore and Discover
  • See Investigations 3’s Impact

Scout Observational Tool

Scout provides a single, organized place for assessments, observations, and notes, as well as photos and videos. Teachers can capture students’ needs and learning progress.


Savvas How-To Workshops

Investigations 3 provides ongoing professional development in each Curriculum Unit. Savvas’ how-to workshops support teachers with effective strategies, techniques, and planning.


Manipulative Kits

Investigations 3 includes kits of tangible objects that can be incorporated into lessons so students can play with hands-on materials on their way to learning math.


Field Test Results

Over the 2017-2018 school year, we conducted a field test to see how a sample of first- and fourth-graders benefited from Investigations 3’s curriculum and collected the data in a useful infographic.


Bilingual Support with
Investigaciones 3

  • For the Student
  • For the Teacher

Student Resource

Investigaciones 3 offers a full array of student math resources in Spanish supports bilingual learners.

  • Cuaderno de actividades (Student Activity Book)
  • Spanish Companion (Digital and Print)
  • Cuaderno de evaluación (Assessment Sourcebook)
  • Spanish Digital Resources DVD-ROM
  • ExamView Test Generator
  • Resources on
  • – Cuaderno de actividades (Student Activity Book)

    – Juegos (Games)

    – Términos matemaåticos e ideas (Math Words and Ideas)

    – Evaluaciònes (Assessments)

spanishresources (1).png

Teacher Resources

Investigaciones 3 is a perfect companion program for teaching mathematics in your bilingual classroom. The Spanish Companion volume presents vocabulary, sample dialogues, and instructions in Spanish.
The Spanish Companion includes:

  • Companion sessions for the Curriculum Units
  • Translations of Math Focal Points for each session
  • Resources needed for each activity
  • Spanish academic vocabulary for sessions
  • Sample teacher dialogue for each activity
  • Ongoing assessment questions in Spanish
  • Answer key for student pages

spanishresources (1).png


"I never heard past classes say math was fun, and now they love math. Kids who were struggling at the beginning of the year are asking if it’s math time yet."

Get Inspired

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Investigations 3, and how is it different from the 2nd Edition?
    Investigations 3rd Edition content is based on Investigations 2nd Edition, along with content changes needed to fully address state and Common Core State Standards. Sessions from the Investigations and the Common Core Standards supplement have been integrated fully into the Curriculum Units. The session objectives have been expanded upon, while other sessions have been deleted or merged to streamline the curriculum and reduce the overall number of sessions.
  • How is the Investigations 3 Student Activity Book different from the 2nd edition?

    The Student Activity Book is now in color and includes Family Letters. The new style is more engaging for students and means less copying for teachers. Having the Family Letters readily available will save teachers time and increase the home/school communication. Daily Practice, Homework, and Activity Pages are also included.

  • What is available for teachers?

    Grade K-5 teachers have 8 Curriculum Units that are teaching guides for the program.

    • The online Curriculum Unit etext for teachers is easy and efficient for planning purposes.
    • Session Presentation Activities are teacher presentations and tools found on Savvas Realize
    • The Assessment Sourcebook includes quizzes and assessment tools and found on Savvas Realize.
    • Investigations and the Common Core Content Guide contains a scope and sequence and correlations to the Common Core State Standards.

    Spanish Companion provides the necessary academic language for instruction that is interactive, hands-on, collaborative, and meaningful for students. This resource contains the Classroom Teacher (Modeling) Script from the Curriculum Unit, available in both print and digital formats.

  • What is available for students?
    • The Student Activity Book for Grades K-5, containing pages for student work.
    • Math Words and Ideas is an online resource for reviewing concepts learned in class.
    • Virtual Math Tools to help students with problem solving, found on Savvas Realize.
    • Online math games.
  • Does Investigations 3 offer math resources in Spanish?

    Investigaciones 3 is a perfect companion program for teaching mathematics in your bilingual classroom. A full array of student math resources in Spanish supports bilingual learners. The Spanish Companion for teachers presents vocabulary, sample dialogues, and instructions in Spanish.

    • Cuaderno de actividades (Student Activity Book)
    • Spanish Companion (Print and Digital)
    • Cuaderno de evaluacion (Assessment Sourcebook)
    • ExamView
    • Juegos (games)
    • Términos matemáticos e ideas (Math Words and Ideas)

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