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We’re here to inspire you with your new Savvas curriculum and introduce best-practice strategies, research, and models to promote excellence in the classroom.

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Personalized Learning for Grades PreK-12 Educators

Is your school adapting a new Savvas program? Savvas Learning Company provides a flexible continuum of professional learning services for teachers and administrators at your school. We’re here to inspire you with your new Savvas curriculum and introduce best-practice strategies, research, and models to promote excellence in the classroom. As educators, we know professional learning—like all instruction—needs to be engaging, ongoing, and relevant. Savvas provides scalable and practical solutions at every phase: from launch to ongoing teacher and administrator support. Talk to your Savvas Account Manager for personal assistance.

Savvas is Your Professional Learning Partner

Your Savvas team is made up of highly experienced former educators and administrators. They know what it’s like in the classroom and at the kitchen table grading papers. Whether your professional learning is facilitated virtually, in-person, through our self-paced modules or job-embedded services such as coaching, you will receive experienced support designed to engage adult learners with strengthening knowledge retention and deepening instructional practices.Savvas professional learning services are recognized for excellence by Rivet Education.

A Pathway to Continual Professional Learning

  • Launching Your Curriculum

    Focus on content, pedagogy, and essential practices for your Savvas curriculum

    Launching Your Curriculum
    Foundational Training

    Program Activation
    Virtual instructor-led and self-paced courses provide flexibility and depth to engage with content anytime. In-person Program Activation training is also available.

    My Savvas Training
    24/7 online, program-specific training resources, videos, asynchronous courses, and tutorials include real-time assistance.

    Implementation Essentials
    A personalized workshop moves educators to a deeper level of comfort with their Savvas curriculum.

    Administrator Workshop
    3-hour training for busy leaders to help them successfully launch their Savvas curriculum.

  • Ongoing Support for Teachers

    Enhanced instructional practices to improve student outcomes and build capacity among teachers and administrators

    Ongoing Support for Teachers
    Enhancing Practices

    Program-Specific Workshops
    Go beyond foundational professional learning to focus on key topics such as differentiating instruction or assessment.

    Content-Area Workshops
    Pedagogically focused courses explore methods that will help students access content across all subject areas.

    Job-Embedded Services
    Savvas coaches provide feedback, coaching, modeling, and collaboration in day-to-day teaching practices.

    • Tailored to teacher needs
    • Mentoring and feedback
    • Bookended modeling
    • Confidence booster
    • Anchored Learning Cycles: Plan, Do, Study, Act
    • Expands content knowledge and strategy toolkit
    • Can focus on lead teachers & coaches

    Change of Practice Institutes
    In-depth professional learning with built-in progress monitoring to develop pedagogical knowledge around a subject.

  • Ongoing Support for Leaders

    Discover opportunities to support your teachers and use the challenges of teaching and learning to lead high-performing school.

    Ongoing Support for Leaders
    Planning for and Achieving Goals

    Job-Embedded Support for Implementation
    Build community and support high expectations with a professional partner and coach.

    • Develop professional learning plans
    • “Focus Visits” in classrooms
    • Data review and analysis
    • Tailored to administrator needs
    • Progress monitoring
    • Continuous improvement

    Change of Practice Institutes
    Professional learning grounded in adult learning theory for leadership supports instructional improvement and successful teams.

    • Cultivate leadership skills
    • Utilize data and resources
    • Support teacher growth
    • Coaching skills
    • Inter-rater reliability
  • Partnership Plus Dedicated Expert Coach (Full Year)

    Expert tailored targeted group and individual professional learning for district personnel and school faculty for your Savvas program implementation.

    Partnership Plus
    A dedicated Savvas Educational Consultant helps districts and schools take the necessary actions to enhance instructional practices and improve student outcomes. Partnership Plus helps create a culture of collaboration that supports the implementation of your Savvas curriculum.

    • Builds a professional learning community around collective goals, practices, and teacher conversations
    • Delivers program-specific workshops and job-embedded services for one full school year
    • Shoulder-to-shoulder, in-class coaching. Also available in virtual or blended formats
    • Non-evaluative “Focus Visits” to support team consistency and effectiveness
    • Anchored learning cycles: Plan, Do, Study, Act

Personal Assistance

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