Momentum Math Screener and Diagnostic Assessments

Momentum Math, part of the Savvas Momentum Assessment Suite, is an easy and reliable way to uncover student needs and provide the right instructional content for every learner. This norm-referenced assessment suite monitors proficiency growth and informs resource allocation throughout the year to ensure every moment is maximized and personalized to student needs.

Momentum Universal Math Screener and Math Diagnostic Solution targets student growth opportunities.

Online Math Assessment Suite

Gain a clear picture of what students know and fill in knowledge gaps with ease and efficiency.


Efficient and Actionable

The short, accessible screener and diagnostic assessments efficiently identify student needs, getting to instruction quicker.


Norm-Referenced and Field Tested

Developed in association with WestED®, each item has been validated through field testing, creating an unbiased and equitable assessment suite.


Adaptive for Efficacy

The adaptive format of the Diagnostic limits time spent on testing while improving test reliability.



Assessments at the beginning, middle and end of the year provide vertically scaled scores to monitor growth toward year-end proficiency as well as year-over-year.

Universal Math Screening and Math Diagnostic Solution for Grades K-8

  • Universal Screener
  • Multistage Adaptive Diagnostic
  • Growth Assessments 
  • Actionable Reporting
  • Flexible Instructional Recommendations

Universal Math Screener

A short screening assessment identifies proficiency in precursor math skills.
  • Administer
    Administered as close as possible to the beginning of the school year.
  • Assess
    Assesses prior skills necessary for success in the current grade and can identify at-risk learning behaviors.
  • Quick
    Takes 20-40 minutes to complete.

Multistage Adaptive Diagnostic

Adaptive assessment that provides detailed information about a student's strengths, areas of improvement, and stretch goals.
  • Assigned to students based on results
    Assigned to students based on whether the Screener results were above or below a cut score. 
  • Contains a total of 30 items

    Contains a total of 30 items and takes 45-60 minutes to complete.

  • Personalizes items

    Personalizes items appropriate to the student’s level.

  • Scores and specific instructional recommendations

    Includes scores and specific instructional recommendations for every student. 


Growth Assessments

Adaptive assessments intended for the middle and end of year to monitor progress towards year-end proficiency.
  • Updated data on students’ strengths
    Provides updated data on students’ strengths, areas of improvement, and stretch goals throughout the year.
  • Contains 30 items 
    Contains 30 items and takes 45-60 minutes to complete.
  • Personalizes items 
    Personalizes items appropriate to student’s level.
  • Reveals student growth
    Reveals student growth through vertically scaled scores that allow teachers to quickly view growth over the year and across multiple years. 

Actionable Reporting

Educators can quickly see both the class and individual student performance throughout the year, visually outlining their journey to year-end proficiency. Reports include:
  • Screener Results
    Screener Results to review screener and standard performance. 
  • Student and Class Summary Reports

    Student and Class Summary Reports show:

    • Overall Score and National Percentile
    • Rating of Exceeds, Meets, Approaching, or Does Not Meet Grade Level Expectations.
    • Performance and Recommendations by Mathematical Domain and Standard
  • Student and Class Growth Reports
    Student and Class Growth Reports show progress from beginning-, middle-,and end-of-year. Comparisons can be viewed to class and district averages. 
  • Administrator Reports

    Administrators have access to visual reports to view performance at the district and school level, including:

    • Assessment Submissions by School
    • Performance by Domains
    • Screener Performance
    • Diagnostic Performance

Flexible Instructional Recommendations

Recommendations include assignable, personalized learning resources for every learner and give teachers the flexibility to assign when needed.
  • Recommendations
    Recommendations include assignable, personalized  learning resources for every learner and give teachers the  flexibility to assign when needed.
  • Resources

    Resources include:

    • Concept Summaries
    • Worked Out Examples
    • Practice Masters

    For Savvas Learning customers using enVision Mathematics or Experience Math, content recommendations also include standard-specific enVision Mathematics or Experience Math content.


Award-winning Online Platform for your Math Assessment Program

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Savvas Realize® provides easy access to assessments and instructional content for every student, so teachers can save time.

For enVision Mathematics or Experience Math users, Momentum Math integrates into the course within Savvas Realize®, allowing access to math content and Momentum Math in one, convenient space.


SuccessMaker® Math is an online personalized learning system for continuous adaptive intervention and differentiation. It supplements math instruction in an hour every week, with real-time growth and mastery data.

Momentum Math can replace the initial placement of SuccessMaker Math users, saving time at the beginning of the year and streamlining the screener and placement process.


See how Ben Hill County MIddle School implemented enVision Mathematics and Momentum Math to address the learning loss they experienced from the recent pandemic.

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Momentum Math Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Screener Assessment?
    The Screener is a short (20-30 items, depending on grade level) assessment of prerequisite skills from the grade level prior given at the beginning of the year without overwhelming students. The Screener informs the right level Diagnostic Assessment for each student, either on-grade level or the prior grade level.
  • What is the Diagnostic Assessment?

    The Diagnostic is a multi-stage adaptive assessment which adjusts based on the student responses. There are two new types of diagnostic reports (Student Diagnostic and Class Diagnostic) that include scale scores and national percentile rankings. The student report also identifies students’ strengths and areas for improvement to inform targeted instructional support tied to curriculum resources.

  • How long should the screener and diagnostic take the students to complete?
    The Screener will take about 20-30 minutes (depending on the number of questions) and the Diagnostic will take about 45-60 minutes.
  • Who is WestEd?
    WestEd is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, whose work is rooted in data, informed by research, and committed to equity. They have worked at the local, state, and national levels, providing research and evaluation for a wide range of clients and partners including the Smarter Balanced Assessment. This partnership provides Savvas with the benefit of an independent, highly-respected third party that ensures the assessments are unbiased and equitable, resulting in the most trusted Screener and Diagnostic on the market.
  • How does WestEd nationally norm the Diagnostic Assessment?

    The norm referencing occurred from the National Field Testing, which took place in January 2021. Field test data was then used to assist WestEd the norm referencing. The sample was weighted to match the demographic profile of students nationally.

  • What kind of resources are suggested as instructional supports based on the assessment results?
    The resources provided with Momentum Math include: concept summaries with worked examples, concept videos, and skill-based practice sheets.
  • Can I use the Momentum Math to measure growth over time?
    The new Middle of the Year and End of Year Growth Diagnostic assessments are designed to provide valid growth measures using the vertical scale.

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