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Explore more next-generation K-12 learning solutions, including Savvas Realize® LMS, Savvas One, Music, World Language curriculum, and the Savvas Momentum Assessment Suite.


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Savvas Realize

Savvas Realize is an award-winning, user-friendly digital home for more than 1,000 interactive Savvas programs.

Savvas One

Savvas One provides an all-inclusive, one-year digital license to our most popular Math, Literacy, Science, and Social Studies national K–12 programs.

Savvas Complete Solution

Cutting-Edge Assessments, Core Curriculum, and Adaptive Personalized Learning … All Seamlessly Integrated

interactive Music

interactive MUSIC powered by Silver Burdett with Alfred offers an all-digital general music program.

World Languages

Develop students’ language proficiency and cultural understanding with interactive lessons, videos, audio, and a wealth of reliable teaching tools.

Driver Education

Become a safe, responsible, low–risk driver and prepare for the road ahead, with Drive Right complete driver education program.


Savvas Momentum Assessment Suite

When students gain momentum, there’s no telling how far their learning will go. Savvas Momentum includes a Screener and Diagnostic Assessments for K-8 Math and Literacy.

Momentum Math Screener and Diagnostic

Uncover students’ math needs and provide the right instructional content. Monitor proficiency growth to ensure learning is personalized and on track toward year-end goals.

Momentum Literacy Screener and Diagnostic

Identify a baseline for your literacy students and pinpoint learning needs all year long. Instructional activities are provided based on where students need the most support.

Momentum Dyslexia Screener

This powerful tool helps identify K-3 students who may be at risk for reading difficulties like dyslexia. It’s based on the nationally recognized TPRI Assessment.


Back-to-School School Essentials

Start the year off right! Get easy access to training resources, rostering information, order tracking, and FAQs, plus helpful back-to-school tips.

Summer School Curriculum

Summer is a critical time to focus on specific students' needs and accelerate learning. Explore standards-aligned, easy-to-implement curriculum and assessment tools for math and reading — aligned to ESSER funding requirements.

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