Pearson Education Test Prep Series for AP®

Pearson’s Test Prep Series for AP offers comprehensive AP® Exam prep that reinforces what students learn in class and what they will be presented on the exam in May.

  • Overview of the AP Course
  • Test-taking tips
  • Strategies to prepare students for peak performance
  • Multiple-choice and free-response questions
  • Two AP-style practice tests with complete answers

AP Exam Preparation

A unique combination of text and workbook that enhances the link between classroom learning and the AP Exam.


Cross Discipline Support

Each of the workbooks in the AP Test Prep Series supports the College Board’s course outlines and pairs with a Pearson text in the fields of Social Studies, Mathematics, or Science.

AP Curriculum Coverage

Each Test Prep Guide is designed to support the curriculum from the College Board and is tailored to each specific AP subject, allowing students to review and practice the material that is relevant to their chosen exam.


AP Exam Style Modeling

Practice sections mirror the format of the AP Exam Style questions that appear on the test while providing strategies for solving them.


Textbook Connection

Pearson’s Test Prep Series for AP offers comprehensive AP® Exam prep that not only directly links to Pearson’s AP Edition textbook, but can also be used as a standalone resource with any program.

AP Test Prep Disciplines

  • AP Social Studies
  • AP Mathematics
  • AP Science
  • AP® Human Geography
    This workbook provides an overview of the AP Human Geography curriculum and examination along with several resources that ensure peak performance on the exam. It offers quick quizzes, suggested Web resources, “Think like a Geographer” activities integrated throughout, and more.
  • AP® United States History
    Completely revised and updated, this Test Prep Workbook for AP® United States History, includes a review of the content of the course, along with Multiple Choice, Short Answer, and Long Essay Questions (with answers and explanations) for all thirty-one chapters of By the People. Also included are twelve Document Based Questions, with suggested answers. In this third edition there are two complete practice tests with answers and explanations and a new introduction to strategies for taking the exam.
  • AP® European History
    The workbook is divided into four parts. Part I gives an overview of the AP program, the exam, and test-taking strategies. Part II highlights concepts from the textbook before practicing different question formats. Part III samples document-based questions. Part IV contains two complete, end-to-end sample exams.
  • AP® World History: Modern
    Part I is an introduction to the World History: Modern course and exam, including a short DBQ. Part II reviews chapter sections with an overview of unit-correlated content, topics, objectives, and developments of the course, plus multiple-choice questions, a short-answer question, and a long essay question. Part III contains 5 Document-Based Questions.
  • AP® United States Government
    Both workbooks provide students with the types of questions they will encounter on the exam, while offering helpful test-taking strategies and an explanation of the grading procedure used by the College Board. Students can complete new exam-style practice drills within each section of the workbooks. Each Test Prep includes two full-length sample AP Government and Politics: United States Exams.
  • AP® Psychology
    This student workbook contains concise content summaries of each chapter, AP-style multiple-choice and free-response practice questions tied to the learning objectives for each chapter. Two full practice exams include scoring guidelines. An innovative Study Hints section helps students with the most difficult to understand concepts from every chapter.
  • AP® Precalculus
    This guide features correlations between key AP test topics and the corresponding chapter and section of the textbook Precalculus: Graphical, Numerical, Algebraic AP Edition 11th edition. Users will find two complete practice tests that resemble the AP exam. a"Brush-Up Diagnostic Quiz" to help with important prerequisite skills, "Know Your Calculator" to target key skills you'll need on the test, hundreds of practice questions corresponding to each of the units of the AP Precalculus course, comprehensive Answers and Solutions section designed to help you learn from mistakes and correct them, and more.
  • AP® Calculus
    Each comprehensive guide reinforces the connection between what is learned in class and the AP® Calculus AB or BC exam. The authors provide general strategies for approaching the exam and specific test-taking strategies for addressing particular types of questions. This workbook also contains sample exams with answers and explanations.
  • AP® Statistics
    The book features chapter-by-chapter correlations between key test topics and the corresponding chapter and sections of the text. Experienced AP educators contributed hundreds of practice study questions. Students learn comprehensive guidelines for mastering each type of exam question and can work through any of the four complete practice exams.
  • AP® Biology
    Each chapter reviews Essential Knowledge and connects it to the framework. Included Material clearly distinguished from the required content can be used as Illustrative Examples. Students become familiar with the Big Ideas, apply and understand connections between the Science Practices, gain insight into the AP labs, and prepare for the AP Exam with practice tests. You Must Know boxes, Tips From the Readers boxes, and practice problems offer more student-friendly aid.
  • AP® Chemistry (The Central Science)
    The workbook contains concise content summarizing all the essential subject matter of the Content Units, Big Ideas, and Learning Objectives of the AP curriculum. It includes hundreds of questions aligned to the course’s Enduring Understandings, Learning Objectives, and Essential Knowledge. Students can interpret diagrams, data, charts, and graphs.
  • AP® Chemistry (A Molecular Approach)
    The workbook contains concise content summaries for each chapter aimed at relevance for the AP® Chemistry exam. Highlights include an overview of the AP Chemistry Exam format and the scoring guidelines, strategies for how to tackle the exam, tips on how to study, and sample AP Chemistry-style questions for practice.
  • AP® Environmental Science
    Part I gives an overview of the AP Environmental Science Course and Exam’s big ideas, specific learning objectives, and science practices. Part II reviews major environmental science topics and the important information found in each text chapter. Sample questions and chapter summaries are organized by the “You Must Know” textbook features. Part III contains all of the answers and explanations for the sample questions. Finally, Part IV includes a practice test with its own answers and explanations.

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