Savvas Momentum Assessment Suite

It’s simple physics: gain momentum, and you’re hard to stop. When you boost students’ progress with the right information, encouragement, and support, they can embrace the joy of learning and pursue their curiosity. Put the Savvas Momentum Assessment Suite behind student learning and keep them moving forward.

Our approachable, accurate assessments: 

  • Help educators identify gaps in student learning and target instruction effectively.
  • Integrate with the Savvas Realize® platform to allow for seamless data collection and norm-referenced assessment inclusion for Grades K-8.
  • Include screener and diagnostic assessments for K-8 Mathematics and Literacy, featuring multistage adaptive technology.
  • Support teachers in addressing individual learning needs with data-driven insights and standards-based instructional recommendations.


Give Students Momentum for Learning. Explore These Options:

Support Student Progress with Personalized Recommendations

When students gain momentum in the classroom, there’s no telling how far they will go.


Field-Tested and Norm-Referenced

Utilizing content and psychometric expertise from both Savvas and WestEd®, each item has been validated for its use through field testing, creating unbiased and equitable assessments for both Math and Literacy. The Screener and Diagnostic Assessments are nationally normed and vertically scaled for Grades K-8.


Adaptive Assessments Reduce Test Time

The adaptive format of the Diagnostics limits time spent on testing while improving test reliability. Schools can administer adaptive assessments flexibly for when having a norm-referenced snapshot of student progress is most relevant and effective throughout the year.


Comprehensive View of Student Learning

In-depth views of student learning are available by district, school, teacher, class, and student. Track performance with this norm-referenced assessment suite.


Personalized Recommendations to Achieve Success

Results provide relative strengths, areas of improvement, and stretch goals along with associated standards and aligned instructional resources. Recommendations include assignable, personalized learning resources for every student.

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