myWorld Interactive: World History Middle School World History

myWorld Interactive 6–8 social studies encourages students to explore their world, expand their thinking, and engage their college, career, and civic awareness. Create active, responsible citizens who can make a difference now.

  • Activity-based learning
  • Strong ELA connections
  • Wide range of flexible curricula options, adaptable to any classroom type

Blended World History Curriculum

myWorld Interactive engages students in real-world activities and practices of citizenship. Students investigate and collaborate as they explore world history content.


Activity-Based Learning

myWorld Interactive helps teachers create engaging active-learning experiences, from brainstorming volunteer opportunities classwide to project-based Quests, to using writing, drawing, and highlighting tasks to create self-motivated social studies learners.


Literacy Goals Built into Every Lesson

These social studies lessons also all feature built-in literacy instruction and correlate with any ELA program. Along with mastering social studies, students learn to read closely, analyze information, and communicate well-defended ideas.


Meet All Your Students’ Needs

myWorld Interactive has the flexible curricula and tools to differentiate, support, and inspire all your students. Multiple curricula options and pathways support every teacher, classroom type, and schedule.


Powerful Administrator Tools Track Student Achievement

Administrator tools, hosted on Savvas Realize® alongside classroom-management features, help measure school success in teaching to social studies standards, manage student enrollment, easily identify the best curricula for remote learning, and much more.

Digital World History and Modern World History Curriculum

  • Inquiry-based, Student-centered Social Studies
  • Differentiated Resources to Easily Reach Every Student
  • Flexible Classrooms

Inquiry-based, Student-centered Social Studies

  • Instructional Design
    Balances direct instruction; small group interaction; hands-on practice; robust resources; and scaffolded reading support.
  • Active Classrooms
    Strategies feature tools such as interactive worktexts and jumpstart activities, spark student interest and gauge their starting social studies knowledge.
  • Project-based Quests
    Long-term, end-of-chapter activities that provide rich, inquiry-based experiences.
  • Biographies
    Model important citizenship skills and tie in real-world civics applications.

Differentiated Resources to Easily Reach Every Student

  • Flexible Content
    myWorld Interactive enables teachers to quickly find and assign content suited to individual student, small group, or the whole class needs.
  • Leveled Readers
    Develop language skills and enable differentiated instruction to reach every student in your classroom: emerging, expanding, special education, advanced, below, and bridging.
  • Balanced Instruction
    The instructional design balances direct instruction, small group interaction, hands-on practice, robust resources, and scaffolded reading support.
  • Accessible Resources
    Easily browse lesson content through simple keyword searches; find targeted resources by narrowing your search by grade, media and content types.

Flexible Classrooms

  • Comprehensive Path
    Teaches a comprehensive social studies curriculum that balances content, activities, and literary connections.
  • Activity-Based Path
    Engages students in hands-on activities and inquiry-based projects in a source rich, real-world creative classroom.
  • Content and Literacy Path
    Students master content through engaging readings, primary source texts and images, and writing exercises.
  • Customizable Content
    Rearrange chapter and lesson resources, edit program resources and assessments, and add your own curricula and links

Everything Comes Together in the Savvas Realize LMS

Savvas Realize - logo

Savvas Realize brings our award-winning content to life in an exciting digital experience that students love. For teachers and admins, it includes valuable classroom-management tools like auto-rostering, single-sign-on, and available integrations with many top K-12 LMSs.

Preview your week ahead, adjust your daily lesson plans, review student and class progress, build and share lessons with your own content, or easily search for differentiated resources to inspire more “lightbulb” moments for your students . Realize’s single-sign-on platform makes it all easy and manageable.

Make logging into your Realize dashboard an essential daily activity–just like checking your school email and Google Classroom accounts–to get a clear, organized path to your learning goals.

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