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Creates problem solvers.

Authentic problems engage students with mathematical ideas and relationships. There are multiple steps and multiple ways to solve the problem – and support if setbacks occur.

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Aligns by skill or standard.

SuccessMaker keeps everyone on pace to meet state mathematics standards. It aligns instruction to CCR standards, WIDA®, and the SIOP® Framework.

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Supports high-level thinking.

Drag and drop, number pads, dropdowns, calculators, and graphing emphasize “doing.” Students express their know-how in a variety of ways. TEIs mimic state assessments.

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Fits your day and schedule.

Use SuccessMaker in your math workshop or math instructional block. Students have achieved statistically significant results in 15-20 minutes, 2-3 days a week.

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Connects to core.

Custom courses align to most core math programs, including enVision® Mathematics. Maximize your effort to close gaps and accelerate learning.

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Everyone is #1.

If the starting point is intervention, SuccessMaker Math gets students back on track. If the starting point is advanced math, SuccessMaker adds complexity. SuccessMaker Math helps students achieve growth from any starting point. It’s a “strong” evidence-based intervention under ESSA, with sequential math practice, brief tutorials, and prerequisite review. Because it’s adaptive, SuccessMaker is perfect for differentiation at any level. It’s also CASE-certified for special education. 

SuccessMaker Math Instructional Model

SuccessMaker Math Instructional Model

of learning opportunities.

1650 learning objectives; 100,000 math exercises

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SuccessMaker K-8 Math adaptive learning.

It all adds up.

25 Years in the Making

Math problem: You have 25 students in class. How do you differentiate instruction and ensure math growth for everyone? Meet SuccessMaker® Math. It’s the adaptive learning program that continuously personalizes math instruction for student growth and differentiation. Every student interaction determines what happens next. In a classroom of 25 students, SuccessMaker Math can serve up 25 different learning pathways.

It does it all for everyone.


“We’re using SuccessMaker to build success in our students, and we’re seeing it. And it’s amazing.”

Dolores Serrano
SuccessMaker Math Teacher
Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District