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3 Spanish Language Levels

Project-based learning provides deeper opportunities for learning. Foster social-emotional learning as students connect, communicate, cooperate and form learning communities.

Try a free project for each level of your Spanish classroom from our exciting Spanish program, Auténtico!

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Level A/1
Álbum de recuerdos

Level A/1 Auténtico Teacher Packet
Level A/1 Auténtico Student Packet


Audio Files for Actividad 14:


Watch Videocultura:
Amigos y actividades

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Level 2
Revista de modas

Level 2 Auténtico Teacher Packet
Level 2 Auténtico Student Packet

21st Century Skills Quick Reference Guides


Watch Videocultura:
La piñata

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Level 3
Club de exploradores

Level 3 Auténtico Teacher Packet
Level 3 Auténtico Student Packet