Drive Right Driver Education

Drive Right is our Driver's Ed option. It supports teen drivers at every turn with clear facts, procedures, and real-life scenarios. Equip your students with the skills to navigate the road with confidence. Drive Right empowers teens to become safe, responsible, and low-risk drivers.

Drive Right complete driver education program.

Complete Driver Education Program

DRIVE RIGHT supports teen drivers at every turn with clear facts, procedures, and real-life scenarios.


Contemporary Facts and Thought-Provoking Questions

What Would You Say?, Drive Green, You’re the Driver, In the Passenger Seat, In Your Community, and new GPS mapping information bring real-life scenarios into the classroom.


Behind the Wheel Video with Activity Sheets

Features up-to-date content and encourages students to talk about the issues and information they need to become safe drivers.


Anchored by a Uniform Instructional Model

Features a four-step point-of-use instructional tool built into every lesson: 1) Focus, 2) Teach, 3) Assess, 4) Apply.

Complete Driver Education Program

  • What topics are included in the Table of Contents?

    A Complete Driver Education Curriculum

    Drive Right Driving Education Topics

    UNIT 1: The Driving Task

    Chapter 1: You Are the Driver
    Chapter 2: Signs, Signals, and Roadway Markings
    Chapter 3: Basic Vehicle Operation
    Chapter 4: Performing Basic Maneuvers

    UNIT 2: Being a Responsible Driver

    Chapter 5: Managing Risk with the IPDE Process
    Chapter 6: Effects of Driver Condition
    Chapter 7: Alcohol, Other Drugs, and Driving
    Chapter 8: Managing Distractions

    UNIT 3: Controlling Your Vehicle

    Chapter 9: Natural Laws and Car Control
    Chapter 10: Negotiating Intersections
    Chapter 11: Sharing the Roadway
    Chapter 12: Driving in Adverse Conditions
    Chapter 13: Handling Emergencies

    UNIT 4: Driving in Different Environments

    Chapter 14: Driving in City Traffic
    Chapter 15: Driving in Rural Areas
    Chapter 16: Driving on Highways
    Chapter 17: Buying and Maintaining a Vehicle
    Chapter 18: Planning Your Travel