The Savvas Complete Solution for K-8 Math & Literacy

Cutting-Edge Assessments, Core Curriculum, and Adaptive Personalized Learning … All Seamlessly Integrated


Why Is a Complete Learning Solution So Critical For K-8 Educators?

At Savvas, we believe the best way to support learners is to meet them where they are. To do this, educators need insights from assessment data to identify skills gaps and inform instructional decisions. Integrating assessment data with core curriculum and supplemental programs enables teachers to differentiate instruction and provide students with the most personalized learning experiences.

Nobody does this better than Savvas. We combine cutting-edge assessments, high-quality core curriculum, and adaptive supplemental and intervention programs, all seamlessly integrated to deliver a complete, connected K-8 solution for educators and a pathway to success for each student.

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Here’s how our integrated math and literacy solutions are designed to provide data-driven instruction and personalized learning to support students in K-8 classrooms.


Assess Student Growth and Support their Progress with Personalized Resources

Before any personalized learning experience can be introduced, educators must gain clear insight into where each student is in the learning journey. Without this baseline, teachers can’t accurately prescribe the specific support a student needs. High-quality diagnostic assessments, combined with adaptive technology, can help teachers personalize instruction by providing data-driven insights to meet each student’s specific needs.

Our Savvas Momentum Assessment Suite does exactly that. It provides dynamic assessment tools to easily identify learning gaps, measure student growth and skills progress, and deliver data-driven insights and instructional resources, enabling educators to make informed decisions for whole-class, small-group, and individual learning.



Screeners and Diagnostic Assessments for Grades K-8 Math and Literacy

Equipped with multistage adaptive technology, they offer actionable data with standards-based instructional content recommendations to help teachers tailor instruction and address students’ individual learning needs.


Math Mid-and Year-end Growth Assessments

When combined with the beginning-of-year screener and diagnostic assessment, these tools enable educators to monitor students’ math progress and skills proficiency throughout the school year. This gives K-8 teachers even more tools to help them identify each student’s greatest opportunities for growth.


Dyslexia Screener for Grades K-3

This powerful new tool is designed to help identify students who may be at risk for dyslexia.

Screeners and diagnostics work seamlessly with our core programs on the award-winning Savvas Realize digital platform. This provides educators with a fast and effective way to assess learning needs and differentiate core instruction for every student in the K-8 math and literacy classroom. The key to this is student data flow. By having connected learning solutions, teachers and administrators can get real-time student and class data with an array of versatile reporting capabilities, all in one place.

High-Quality Core Curriculum with Proven Efficacy

Educators are looking for core curricula that demonstrate efficacy and help all students learn and achieve. Our high-quality, standards-aligned solutions for math and literacy are trusted by educators. enVision Mathematics, myView Literacy, and myPerspectives ELA have received EdReports’ “All-Green” ratings, the highest tier within its rating scale. Utilizing evidence-based pedagogies, each program has been determined to meet ESSA Level 2 Evidence for their significantly positive effect on learning outcomes. Experience Math, our newest core program offering an innovative student-centered approach to teaching mathematics, will be available for classroom use in this fall.

Our core math and literacy curriculum program make learning exciting by engaging students with the most interactive, immersive, and personalized content, easily accessible on Savvas Realize.

Award-Winning Math Series

Proven-Effective Math Programs

  • Proven-effective, evidence-based, and standards-aligned math programs support all students in developing deep conceptual understanding, procedural skills, and fluency.
  • Problem-based learning, visual models, 3-act tasks, and personalized practice enable students to gain a deeper understanding of math concepts.
  • High-interest, student-led activities engage learners and encourage student choice to make math meaningful.
  • Flexible teacher support and meaningful professional development are built right into the program.
  • Vertical alignment from Kindergarten through Grade 12 helps schools address mathematical standards.

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    Student-Centered Math Program

    Grades K-8

    • A focus on Essential Understandings help students build meaningful connections and foundational knowledge.
    • Standards-aligned lessons built on student-centered, rich tasks that increase engagement and drive learning through purposeful exploration and reflection.
    • Embedded instructional insights and point-of-use professional development videos, developed by renowned mathematics author, Dr. Marian Small, help teachers facilitate meaningful and productive learning environments.
    • Problem-based activities develop fluent problem solvers by strengthening students' critical thinking and flexible problem-solving skills.
    • Blended materials make it easy to engage students through exploration and hands-on learning.

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    Evidence-Based Literacy Program for K-5

    New Edition!

    • Powerful Science of Reading-based instruction ensures students develop strong phonemic awareness, phonics skills, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension strategies.
    • An integrated approach to reading and writing offers educators a comprehensive system for explicit daily foundational skills instruction that follows an easy-to-teach sequence.
    • Authentic text and interactive resources foster student engagement, while meaningful, multi-sensory practice deepens student learning.
    • Built-in teacher training and support provide integrated professional learning, targeted tools for differentiated instruction, and resources for multilingual learners that boost student achievement.

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      Student-Centered ELA Program for 6-12

      New Edition!

      • Highly successful, evidence-based, and standards-aligned program improves student outcomes with an integrated ELA approach that supports the Science of Reading.
      • Student-centered learning with high-quality, diverse content engages students with personalized learning experiences that hone important reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.
      • Effective teaching strategies and time-saving tools provide educators with differentiated instruction, multilingual learner support, and on-the-spot progress monitoring to help personalize learning for each student.
      • Cutting-edge technology and flexible resources make teaching easier and enhance classroom instruction with features such as AI-powered essay scoring to improve student writing and Hook & Inspire links to engage students.

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        Adaptive Personalized Learning Provides a Pathway to Success

        Each student comes into the classroom with different strengths and instructional needs. In any given class, a teacher may have students performing significantly above or below grade level or on grade level, as well as those needing multilingual support. So, how can teachers personalize reading and math instruction for every student in their classroom?

        Adaptive personalized learning programs can help educators personalize instruction for every student. Our proven-effective, supplemental SuccessMaker program works alongside high-quality core programs such as enVision Mathematics, myView Literacy, and myPerspectives, offering educators an easy way to provide targeted adaptive assignments that align with Savvas core math and ELA instruction.


        Proven to Accelerate Reading and Math Achievement for All Students

        • Effective for differentiation, acceleration, and intervention, the adaptive instructional model creates a unique personalized learning path for every student, accelerating achievement for every student.
        • Students are placed into their just-right starting point through the programs’ embedded diagnostic assessment — or use the Savvas Momentum Math Assessment to save time at the beginning of the year and streamline the initial placement process.
        • Never stops instruction to administer a test so teachers never need to wait for a benchmark assessment period — providing more time for teaching and less time for testing.
        • Translations in more than 60 languages provide first-language support to multilingual learners.

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          With our comprehensive suite of well-integrated learning solutions that offer coherency and consistency across the full range of assessment tools, core curriculum, and supplemental and intervention programs, Savvas delivers an unparalleled teaching and learning experience designed to improve student outcomes.

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