Features and Benefits

Project STEM

gears Project STEM is Savvas’s new program for grades K-8 that provides research-based materials with clear guidance for teachers on how to use the materials to integrate the STEM model seamlessly into existing curricula and instruction. Through 18 modules and accompanying program guides, Project STEM works with any elementary or middle grades science program to provide a pedagogical framework that makes it easy for teachers to integrate technology, engineering, and math into the curriculum. Lesson plans follow the 5 “E’s” instructional model—Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate—to organize the content in a way that is easily accessible to all teachers. Each module follows the same format: Introduce, Teach, and Evaluate. Topics cover Life, Earth and Physical sciences and illustrate how the four STEM areas are connected through hands-on labs, projects, and background materials.


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