Features and Benefits

For students who need another year of math – mixed topics!

  • Carefully chosen topics with more real life applications motivate students to get into the math. With chapters categorized by social choice, management science, growth, shape, and form, and statistics, the contents are flexible enough to fit most math courses.
  • Tannenbaum’s writing style is clear and consistent, and narration is carefully paced to make the subject accessible to students of all majors. The design is very clean, so students stay focused on the core exposition.
  • Enhanced! Diverse and extensive exercises appear at the end of chapter and are divided into three levels–Walking, Jogging, and Running. In the Eighth Edition, exercise sets are revised to make it easier for instructors to create assignments and to integrate real data where appropriate.
    • Walking exercises test a basic understanding of the main concepts, and ensure students have mastered the main concepts from the chapter. In the Eighth Edition, these are organized by section number to make it easier for instructors to build assignments.
    • Jogging exercises apply the basic ideas at a higher level of complexity and/or require critical thinking skills.
    • Running exercises will challenge students' ability, and they are revised in this edition to make them less rigorous, yet still challenging.
  • Projects and Papers at the conclusion of each chapter offer ideas for explorations and class discussions.
  • Key Concepts chart at the end of every chapter makes it easy to study and review.
  • NEW! MyMathLab for School for the Ninth Edition offers expanded exercise coverage and new features that make the online assessment more closely tied to the text’s approach.
    • Applets, designed by the author, are in MyMathLab to help students visualize the more difficult concepts. These can be assigned as media assignments in MyMathLab. New assignable exercises relate to these, so students explore the concepts and develop their understanding using these applets. Applet annotations appear as margin notes in the text directing students to the MyMathLab course.
    • Ready To Go MyMathLab Course offers the same robust experience as a standard course, but makes course set-up even easier.