Features and Benefits

Every feature of this book is designed to support both efficient exam preparation

and long-term mastery:

  • Includes coverage of the new performance-based questions

  • Exam Objectives Summary and Index make it easier than ever to find what you’re looking for and track what you’ve learned

  • Opening Topics Lists define the topics you’ll need to learn in each chapter, including a list of the official exam objectives covered in that chapter

  • Key Topics call attention to the information that’s most crucial to know for the exam

  • Exam Preparation Tasks include reviewing key topics, completing memory tables, defining key terms, working through scenarios, and answering review questions—all designed to help you go beyond simple facts to make sure you master concepts crucial to both passing the exam and enhancing your career

  • Key Terms defined in a complete glossary explain all the field’s essential terminology


The companion website contains access to the powerful Pearson® IT Certification Practice Test Engine and two complete exams with access to a large library of exam-realistic questions.


This study guide helps you master all the topics on the new A+ 901 and 902 exams, including:

  • Motherboards, processors, RAM, and BIOS

  • Power supplies and system cooling

  • I/O, input ports, and devices

  • Video displays and video cards

  • Customized PCs

  • Laptops, mobile and wearable devices

  • Printers

  • Storage devices including SSDs

  • Installing, using, and troubleshooting Windows, Linux, and OS X

  • Virtualization

  • Networking

  • Security

  • Operational procedures and communications methods