Features and Benefits

Hallmark Features:


Designed to make it easier for instructors to teach the course and for students to learn and apply the content.

  • Content is broken down into 40 short chapters, making it easier for instructors to assign brief sections of the text or an entire short chapter for reading.
  • Each concise chapter offers review questions and a quiz focused on a specific system or task, making it easier for students study and learn the material.
  • Bulleted lists and numbered steps throughout the text break the material down for easy reading.
  • The text's teaching and learning package includes an Instructor's Manual, PowerPoint slides, computerized test bank, and MyAutomotiveLab.

Gives students real-world insight on how the material is applied in the automotive service industry.

  • Tech Tips and Frequently Asked Questions throughout the text provide real world examples of how concepts are applied on the job.
  • Hundreds of the author’s color photos are used to show real automotive components, including examples of defective parts. Seeing the actual part instead of a line drawing helps students better understand the system and the components involved.
  • Written by an experienced automotive instructor–not a technical writer–the text provides sound explanations of how systems work, explained from the point-of-view of a technician and automotive instructor rather than from an engineer or salesperson. 

Provides the essential skills students need for entry-level employment–not only explaining how a system works, but also how to check for proper operation and identify faults that can be detected visually.