Updated throughout to reflect new SOLIDWORKS 2019 features, Engineering Design and Graphics with SOLIDWORKS shows students how to use SOLIDWORKS to create engineering drawings and designs, including dimensioning, tolerancing, and the use of standard parts and tools. Each chapter contains step-by-step sample problems that show students how to apply its concepts it presents. These and other pedagogical features are designed to help students learn more quickly and retain concepts more successfully:

Chapter-opening objectives

Chapter-ending summaries and exercise problems

Many illustrations throughout, with clear explanations

Hundreds of practical exercise projects of varying difficulty, helping students learn by doing

Flexibility for instructors: with hundreds of problems, instructors can assign different problems within the same class and from year to year without repetition

ANSI standards support: Uses ANSI standards for dimensions and tolerances, showing how designs are defined for production and the importance of proper tolerances

Step-by-step approach: Helps students learn at their own pace