Features and Benefits

Invigorate learning with the Enhanced Pearson® eText

The Enhanced Pearson eText provides a rich, interactive learning environment designed to improve student mastery of content with the following multimedia features:

  • NEW! Embedded videosin each chapter illustrate key concepts and strategies.
  • NEW! Check Your Understanding quizzes at the end of each major chapter section allow students to test their understanding of the information presented.


Additional text features include:

  • Strong curriculum emphasis, with numerous examples of developmentally appropriate curriculum strategies for children from birth through age eight. Students learn what they need to work within the content areas.

  • Separate chapters help teachers plan indoor and outdoor environments for young children including preparing effective indoor settings (Ch. 9), and planning developmentally appropriate outdoor learning environments (Ch. 10).

  • Comprehensive information on play, guidance, learning, and development for children takes students through the entire early childhood years, from birth through age eight, rather than emphasizing either the pre-kindergarten or primary grades.

  • The essential elements of early learning and care—play, diversity, technology, family partnerships, and child development—are presented in boxed features in each chapter to re-emphasize and strengthen readers’ understanding of these critical areas.

  • NEW! Updated, contemporary vignettes begin each chapter with an interesting example of children and adults engaged in activities and conversations that bring the content to life.

    • The vignettes were carefully reviewed to ensure that they reflect current practice and mirror the diversity found in real world early childhood settings. In addition, shorter vignettes are inserted throughout each chapter to provide vivid examples of issues discussed.

  • NEW! New coverage of Common Core State Standards is integrated where appropriate throughout the book. (See Chapters 11, 14, and 15.)

  • Increased linkages between book content and developmentally appropriate practice are apparent in a Correlation Matrix on the inside front cover of the text, numerous examples of developmentally appropriate practice woven into the content of each chapter, and each feature is now linked to specific standards of developmentally appropriate practice.

  • NEW! Chapter 6, Guiding Young Children, includes content revisions based on the important work of Dan Gartrell and cover democratic life skills, encouragement, and mistaken behavior.

  • NEW! Chapter 17, Technology and Young Children, includes major updates in keeping with the changing landscape of technology in homes and early childhood settings, including information on a recent position statement on technology use by young children, interactive and non-interactive media, digital literacy, digital citizenship, and the digital divide.