Focus on STEM Early and Often

Elevate Science integrates STEM activities in every topic, connecting Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Beginning in Kindergarten, students engage in fun hands-on STEM learning. Simple, doable, and adaptable, the STEM activities in Elevate Science fully align to new Science Standards. Bring STEM into your elementary classroom and fuel innovation, problem solving, and collaboration. Introduce students to the engineering design process. elevate thinking, elevate results.


Easy, manageable STEM activities immerse young students in hands-on inquiry. Build students’ natural curiosity, meet new Science Standards and integrate your curriculum!


STEM Quest Kickoff

Students use STEM practices to solve the Quest problem in every topic. Prepare students for middle grades and beyond, build confidence and curiosity.



Make STEM hands-on and interactive! STEM Labs let students experiment, plan, model, design, and create. Fun and doable activities build an early interest in STEM subjects.


STEM Connections

Challenge students to think like scientists and engineers. STEM Connections focus on solving real-world problems. Relevancy makes Elevate Science impactful.


uEngineer It! Activities

Students think like engineers as they explore the steps of the Engineering/Design Process. Each topic includes a specific design challenge. Supporting equipment kits allow students to actually design, construct, test and improve their solutions to the design challenge.


STEM Engineering Reader

On-Level Readers help introduce the engineering design process to young students. Develop problem-solving skills, inspire natural curiosity and creative thinking.


Engineering Connection

Embedded Engineering Connections keep the focus on the engineering design process. Students explore what it means to design, build, test, and improve ideas.