Personalize learning with Mastering A&P

Mastering® A&P is the leading online homework, tutorial, and assessment platform designed to engage students and improve results by helping students stay on track in the course and quickly master challenging A&P concepts. Mastering A&P assignments support interactive features in the text, including new Interactive Physiology 2.0 tutorials, new, customizable Practice Anatomy Lab (PAL) Flashcards, new Focus Figure “Mini-Animation” Coaching Activities, new Building Vocabulary Coaching Activities, Dynamic Study Modules, Learning Catalytics, 3D animations, lab study tools, Get Ready for A&P, plus a variety of Art Labeling Questions, Clinical problem-solving activities, and more. Learn more about Mastering A&P.

Develop students’ 21st-century skills

  • Focus Figure “MiniAnimation” Coaching Activities bring the 6 new Focus Figures to life and help students build visualization skills using short video segments. Additional multi-part coaching activities can be assigned for the book’s 20 other Focus Figures.
  • Building Vocabulary Coaching Activities give students a fun way to learn word roots and A&P terminology while building and practicing important language skills.
  • Improved Concept Map Coaching Activities support the concept maps in the text and help students practice concept mapping skills without requiring them to submit their own concept map for grading.
  • NCLEX-Style Questions give students practice answering the kinds of clinical problem-solving questions that will eventually appear on a licensing exam.
  • Career Connection Video Activities feature real health care professionals and include assessment questions that apply chapter content to examples from everyday work as a nurse or–NEW!–as a physical therapist. Students can access the videos through an open access web page at, or view the video in Mastering A&P.

Give students plenty of opportunities for interactive practice and adaptive learning

  • EXPANDED! Mobile-Ready Interactive Physiology 2.0 tutorials teach students complex physiology processes using exceptionally clear animations, interactive tutorials, games, and quizzes. IP 2.0 features new graphics, quicker navigation, and are mobile-friendly for learning on the go.  New topics include Generation of an Action Potential and Cardiac Cycle.  Students can access in the Mastering A&P Study Area, and instructors can assign through Mastering A&P.
  • Interactive Physiology Animations from the original award-winning Interactive Physiology tutorial program have been converted to animations to accommodate learners using a wide range of web browsers and mobile devices. IP Animations are assignable as coaching activities in Mastering A&P.
  • Pearson eText, optimized for mobile, seamlessly integrates videos and other rich media with the text and gives students access to their textbook anytime, anywhere. Pearson eText is available with Mastering A&P when packaged with new books, or as an upgrade students can purchase online. The Pearson eText mobile app offers:
    • Embedded videos for a more interactive learning experience
    • Offline access on most iOS and Android phones/tablets.
    • Accessibility (screen-reader ready)
    • Configurable reading settings, including resizable type and night reading mode
    • Instructor and student note-taking, highlighting, bookmarking, and search tools

Instructors, save time preparing for class

  • Ready-to-Go Teaching modules help instructors make efficient use of the best teaching tools before, during, and after class. Prepared by expert A&P instructors, each module includes a variety of teaching ideas to and ready to use resources for teaching 10 challenging course topics. Modules are accessible through the Instructor Resources area of Mastering A&P. Watch our video to learn about Ready-to-Go Teaching modules
  • Learning Catalytics™ helps generate class discussion, customize lectures, and promote peer-to-peer learning with real-time analytics. Learning Catalytics acts as a student response tool that uses students’ smartphones, tablets, or laptops to engage them in more interactive tasks and thinking.
    • Upload a full PowerPoint® deck to easily create slide questions.

Help students prepare for the A&P Lab and Study for Lab Practical tests

  • Customizable Practice Anatomy Lab (PAL) Flashcards allow students to create a personalized, mobile-friendly deck of flashcards and quizzes using images from PAL. Students can generate flashcards using only the structures that your instructor has emphasized in lecture or lab.
  • Updated Practice Anatomy Lab™ (PAL™ 3.1) is now accessible and available on all mobile devices. PAL 3.1 is an indispensable virtual anatomy study and practice tool that gives students 24/7 access to the most widely used lab specimens including human cadavers, anatomical models, histology, cats, and fetal pigs. PAL 3.1 also includes multiple-choice quizzes and practice fill-in-the-blank lab practicals.