QuickReads ESSA Strong Rated Literacy Intervention Program: 15-Minute Fluency Solution

Adding a little more reading each day makes a big difference for struggling readers. The QuickReads texts can be read in about one minute when read fluently. The instructional routine uses these text passages through repeated readings and monitoring. The entire routine takes about 15 minutes a day, 3-4 times per week. It’s a perfect 15-minute fluency solution that leads to better comprehension.


T Is for Time: QuickReads fits into almost
any reading/language arts block.


Do you have 15 minutes?

It’s quick and easy. It takes about 15 minutes of instructional time to maximize fluency gains. QuickReads builds vocabulary skills, support ELLs, and develops content knowledge too.


Flexible Pacing Options

Use QuickReads 3-4 times per week or for about one hour. Flexible pacing options make QuickReads adaptable to almost any classroom. Focus on different text passages during each teaching session to complete one QuickReads level every 18 weeks.