iLit Assessment and Reporting System

GRADE™ Diagnostic Evaluation: Smart Tech, Smart Data, Smart Assessment System

In addition to the GRADE™ diagnostic evaluation, iLit automatically monitors student progress (individual, small group or the whole class), provides instant feedback to improve student skills, and scores responses. Get a real-time look at reading comprehension, reading growth, words read, grammar, vocabulary, and writing performance. Monitor ongoing progress to make sure students are making growth and pinpoint learning gaps. iLit is a smart assessment system that saves you time from grading and tracking data. It does the work for you, so you can put your energy into teaching.


Identifies Skill Gaps, Alerts You When a Student Needs More Help.

iLit intervention program GRADE (Group Reading Assessment and Diagnostic Evaluation) logo.
iLitl intervention GRADE tool diagnoses and assesses student development.

In-depth Screening and Diagnosing to Make Informed Decisions

GRADE™ is a diagnostic assessment embedded in iLit. Use it three times a year to identify students’ reading level, strengths and weaknesses, and reading growth over time.

iLit intervention program delivers evidence-based school improvement.

Performance Reporting for 10 Critical Skill Areas

iLit is a smart solution for delivering evidence-based school improvement. Administrators can easily access district, school, and student data to allocate resources and federal funding.

• Reading Growth
• Reading Comprehension
• Word Study
• Fluency
• Word Count
• Vocabulary
• Language
• Writing
• Speaking
• Benchmarks
• Vocabulary
• Language
• Writing
• Speaking
• Benchmarks

iLit intervention program captures real-time student performance data.

District Reporting Updated Every 24 Hours

Why is iLit a smart system? Simple. It automatically captures critical performance data in real time, so you know where students need additional remediation or enrichment.


Fast, Easy-to-Use, Actionable Data

iLit data snapshots make student feedback and teacher-parent conferences more effective and meaningful. Share reading growth with a single dashboard, discuss learning opportunities and goals.


“We’re always looking for ways to improve student achievement and increase student engagement. After years of stagnant or falling test scores, we had to find something to bring back that spark of learning and rekindle the love of reading. We feel iLit is the key to our success.”

York City School District
York, Pennsylvania