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iLit45 Adolescent Literacy Intervention Program

Literacy Intervention for Grades 6 and Up

Do you have students who've never read an entire book?

iLit45 is a literacy intervention program for adolescents who lack basic reading and writing skills. These students grow increasingly frustrated and fall further behind academically. Without the right intervention, they often won’t complete high school. iLit45 delivers explicit reading instruction but at a level commensurate to adolescent interests and experiences. Diverse texts, plots, characters, settings, and topics appeal to young adults, and the digital interactivity instantly engages them. iLit 45 supports struggling readers in a class period of approximately 45 minutes. It can complement or replace your core ELA curriculum.


iLit45 students read the equivalent of 4 young adult novels or 100,000 words.


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Hear how iLit45 has helped her become a better reader.


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ESSA Strong Evidence

Reading Gains with iLit45 in a single year

iLit 45:ESSA Strong Evidence

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Intensive, Explicit, and Systematic Intervention

iLit45 students are typically 2-4 years behind grade level. The systematic daily routine includes time for whole group, small group, and one-on-one intervention and practice. Explicit instruction addresses foundational skills and all major reading components.

• Comprehension
• Fluency

• Phonemic Awareness
• Phonics

• Vocabulary


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Scaffolded Intervention and Corrective Feedback

Give students the chance to see they can self-correct and that their work makes a difference. Immediate corrective feedback encourages students and builds a “growth mindset.” Helping students internalize skills on the spot supports your teaching.

9 Levels of Interactive Nonfiction Readers

iLit 45: 9 Levels of Interactive Nonfiction Readers

Immerse Students in Texts, Language, and Book Talks

Interactive Readers, Independent Texts, and Grade-Level Anchor Texts give reluctant students a chance to get hooked on books. There are lots of different types of texts, daily reading time, shared-and-paired conversations, book talks, read alouds, and think alouds. Challenge students to work together as a group. It’s inspiring and supportive!


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“iLit has inspired me to read more chapter books. iLit has inspired me to read out loud without being nervous that people will judge me for reading choppy now that I am more fluent. iLit has inspired me to take on bigger books other than small kindergarten books.”

South Huntington Schools, New York